sundays with seema episode 30

Sundays with SEEMA: Avantika Vandanapu

For episode #30 of Sundays with SEEMA, our founder, Seema Kumar, sits down with actress and star of Disney’s Spin Avantika Vandanapu.


coffee museum
Full of Beans: The Dubai Coffee Museum

The Dubai Coffee Museum is redolent of a time a cup of joe was manna indeed. You go for the intrigue, and stay for the aroma.


Raw Yellow Cucumber Pickle!!⁠

Check out @malathychandrasekhar recipe of this yummy pickle on ⁠

Yellow cucumber is not a vegetable you’re likely to find in the produce section of a regular America grocery. You will need to go to an Indian and East Asian store. This favorite pickle requires no cooking and it is ready in a jiffy.⁠


Fall Fashion Trends!⁠

Check out the many options that are taking the season by storm. ⁠

As the season changes learn about what is trending now in the land of fashion and clothes, then carry on reading the article on⁠


Learn the 'Benefits of the Chair Pose'.⁠

Chair yoga can help build muscle groups in the knees, hips, low back, shoulders and arms. You should include this pose in your yoga sequences to strengthen the quadriceps and pelvis.⁠

This is a base pose used in different flow yoga sequences that resembles sitting in an invisible chair. It is a way to boost the body’s energy, and kickstart your third chakra (power, expression and self-esteem).⁠

KT Hall writes in the SEEMA Weekly Magazine about this Yoga pose that can ignite your inner spark as you align your hips, pelvis and knees, which are essential to holding this position.⁠


Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number!⁠

@sejalsehmi writes in the SEEMA Weekly about the unwelcome reminder about her turning another year older, which forces her to question what she could have achieved – personally and professionally – had COVID not put a halt to our lives over the last year and a half. ⁠

When the world slowly moves back to some form of normality, there now appears to be a race for everyone to play catch up on “lost’ time.⁠

There’s nothing more warming to the tired adult Bollywood-loving heart than a good old desi young adult (YA) romance and Farah Naz Rishi’s “It All Comes Back to You” (IACBTY).

Farah Naz Rishi’s “It All Comes Back to You” is a delightful romance that showcases the many quirks of the colorful American desi community.

Read more about Farah and her book in the SEEMA Weekly Magazine.

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How Do You Use the 7 Chakra Stones?⁠

Everything in our world—from intangibles like thoughts and colors to material objects like furniture—resonates at a vibrational frequency, or the speed that molecules rotate around each other. This causes an energetic wave, or vibration.⁠

So do our seven chakras. When our chakras are not in alignment, or are either overactive or underactive, they cause problems in our mental, physiological and spiritual health.⁠

Read about what are the Chakra Stones and their benefits in this week's SEEMA Magazine.⁠

Get dressed in the Festive Finery and let us know how You celebrate. Send us your best picture, make sure we see some Red, and you could be the lucky few to be featured in the new issue of SEEMA magazine. Send your fab pictures to

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What comes to mind when you think of Mediterranean cuisine? ⁠

One of the top favorites is tabbouleh. This visually appealing salad is colorful, healthy, and hearty. ⁠

Try this colorfully crunchy grape-strawberry salad with feta. It is to die for. Find and learn the simple recipe on SEEMA.COM⁠