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10 Podcasts for Teens

Feb/17/2022 / by Paloma Jhingan

Disaster struck the world in late 2019, when the COVID-19 pandemic really began. Banned were human interactions, and people were confined within four walls. But we used technology to interact virtually. For example, people who like talking and knew stuff started podcasts. But, there were so many podcasts in the end, that it became hard to filter out the good from the bad. Here are 10 great podcasts for teens. 

  1. Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, Podcasts for Teens

This smashing podcast critically analyses the Harry Potter book series and creates a very fun, English class you-never-knew-you-needed atmosphere. The co-hosts delve deep into the books and explore a range of topics from commitment, revenge, and forgiveness. The books are treated as a sort of religious or sacred text, which most Potterheads can understand. The podcast states that their team loves the Harry Potter books, and not necessary the author. They continuously support trans and non-binary youth, regardless of the author’s perspective. 

Part-Time Genius, podcasts for teens
  1. Part-Time Genius

Ever have a burning question you think is just so peculiar that you can’t ask it out loud? This podcast answers all of those and goes into the nitty-gritty. This is great for those with inquisitive minds. For example, they discussed if humans could live without sleep, how rats outsmart  humans, and many more such quirky topics. The result is interesting, and the hosts uncover some smart stuff. 

  1. Radiolab

This investigative journalism podcast answers some pretty deep and interesting questions about science, legal history, innovative design, or, even the COVID-19 pandemic. The podcast breaks down scientific concepts to make them fun, riveting, and accessible. All curious minds and deep questions are warmly welcomed by the hosts Jad Abumrad, Lulu Miller, and Latif Nasser. 

  1. The Socially Awkward Podcast
The Socially Awkward Podcast, podcasts for teens

This podcast is all about those awkward and cringe-worthy moments that pretty much everyone experiences, even if you don’t identify yourself as socially awkward. It’s human nature. The hosts share their mind-numbingly awkward stories and make you cringe, laugh and cry in embarrassment. How many more times can I say “awkward” in this paragraph? Most importantly, they re-iterate the message that life can be, well, awkward. 

  1. Stuff You Missed in History Class
Stuff You Missed in History Class, podcasts for teens

History is pretty weird, and this podcast highlights all of the great and strange stuff you missed in history class. This podcast is great for when you are bored or in need of a fun, entertaining, true real-life story. Some examples of what you will uncover when you listen to this podcast are: the government’s weird obsession with margarine, the “flying ambulance” developed for Napoleon’s army, and the tale of the first woman to circumnavigate the globe…on a bike!

  1. Teen Girl Talk

This one is for all the teenage girls out there. Honestly, it’s for anyone and everyone because teenagers are confusing. And teen girls? Well, even more so. Grab a notepad, a pen, and some popcorn because these ladies (not teens any more) are about to dish out some exclusive information, tips, hacks, and of course, embarrassing stories. The hosts, Franklin and Susie Cota delve into books, movies, and TV shows for teens, talking about the portrayal of the teenage years. It’s a really good idea to watch some of these movies with your friends and family. 

  1. Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!
Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me!, podcasts for teens

Ding! If you’re a trivia buff and love the sound of the bell when you get a correct answer, this show is for you! This current events quiz show also features special guests like Stephen Colbert, Kumail Nanjiani, and Jennifer Lee. Grab your family and see who gets the most right answers while playing together and listening along. 

  1. What’s Good Games

This podcast is your source for video game news, analysis, commentary, and funny stuff for all the gamers out there. What’s great to hear is also that gaming is such a male-dominated industry, but this podcast is hosted by three women – Andrea Rene, Brittney Brombacher and Kristine Steimer. Join these gaming veterans as they take you on an interesting journey through What’s Good Games. 

  1. Adult ISH
Adult ISH, podcasts for teens

This podcast is super insightful for older teens who are ready to launch themselves into the adult world, but are not quite, um, adults yet. Produced by YR Media, which is run by young adults, this is perfect if you want those extra nuggets of knowledge and wisdom. 

  1. The Dark Place 
The Dark Place , podcasts for teens

This podcast offers a safe space where mental health sufferers can relate, share experiences, express themselves freely and honestly about their struggles, their achievements, and provide some resources for help to others. The weekly podcast is great for not only teens but also parents to hear the real-life difficulties that people face and to understand that they are not alone.