20 Ariana Grande Outfits to Copy

Sep/30/2021 / by Nancy Amon

Ariana Grande outfits to Inspire your Wardrobe

Ariana Grande Outfits

Ariana Grande made music headlines since starting as a teen star aged 15 with Nickelodeon studios 2008. The pop artist has dramatically changed her appearance over the years, both cosmetically and with fashion. Still, she remains an inspiration to fans all over the world. Ariana Grande outfits are a must for anyone looking to add edge with a chic twist to their wardrobe.

Without further ado, let’s check out 20 Ariana Grande outfits that are rocking.

#1 The Oversized Sweater and Knee-High Heels

Suppose anything we can say about this Ariana Grande costume is that she loves it. While she may not be the one to discover this style, she certainly is making it part of her signature look.

#2 Black on Black

Who doesn’t like the simplicity and streamlined look of black clothes? Ariana Grande style includes wearing black on black quite often. She’s been seen out in New York, in interviews and on stage dressed head to toe in black.

#3 Signature Ponytail

Ariane Grande is not one for many hairstyles and has toted her signature ponytail for the longest time. Everyone loves a sleek back ponytail, and now that this young singer is rocking the lock, why not be inspired to go for it too?

You don’t need to have naturally long hair to strut your high ponytail, you can simply add an extension piece, and you’re good to go. Chic and easy!

#4 In Sweats

One thing about Ariana Grande outfits we’ve seen is that she enjoys being casual. She would doll up in sweat pants, top and trainers and have a day out. She loves feeling comfortable in her clothes and doesn’t mind the lounge look. It just shows you that you don’t always have to dress up to look and feel good.

#5 Oversized Sporty Jacket and Knee-High Boots Combo

In true Ariana Grande style, she does it again, sporting an oversized sports jacket and her iconic knee-high heels. This girl has moves and looks to crush the competition. She makes any outfit look cute and amazing.

#6 Flirty Teeny-Tiny Crop Top With Straight Cut Trousers and Bangs

When Ariana isn’t out on a casual day, she’s gracing the red carpets and receiving awards for her fabulous talents. You have to admire the look when she wore a teeny tiny formal crop top with a straight cut trouser leg pants. This was a distinct and beautiful look.

Not to forget her gorgeous hairstyle. Of course the iconic high-ponytail and this time sporting bangs to complete the look.

#7 2016 AMA Red Carpet

For the 2016 AMA red carpet event, Ariana wore a stylish lace crop top with straight cut trousers and heels to complete the look. She also toted some minimalistic jewellry and looked stunning.

#8 2019 Sweetener Tour

In the Sweetener tour of 2019 Ariana Grande wore a series of stunning outfits. Ariana Grande clothing style in this tour included a red two-piece with caged-top puffy sleeves a mini skirt and 8-inch heels. She also wore a “Clueless-inspired” checked outfit, patent leather black two-piece and knee-high boots and lots more.

#9  Sweatshirt and Waist Bag

Another sweatshirt combo, this time the outfit Ariana Grande makes way for a waist bag accessory. She also struts her knee-high black boots which pairs with the black sweat shirt.

#10 Pink Feather Crop Top and Jeans

Another Ariana Grande style favorite is her crop top collection. In another selfie posted by the singer, she wore a cute pink feather crop top with jeans and her high pony.

#11 Puffer Coat and Leggings

Leggings with a puffer coat is an Ariana Grande special. She enjoys oversized clothing, especially tops. On another occasion, she was spotted wearing this getup and rocked it perfectly.


How do you dress like Ariana?

To copy Ariana’s look, simply find a style that you like from her broad selection and head out to the store and get those items. You may even already have it in your closet.

What is Ariana Grande’s most popular outfit?

Ariana is known for her oversized sweatshirts and jackets paired with high-knee boots (heels) to be specific. You can’t miss her high ponytail which is her signature hairstyle.

Is Ariana Grande a fashion icon?

Some say she’s a fashion icon, but for the most part, she is a singer. She is inspired by the fashion icon Audrey Hepburn, and that makes sense because she also likes the cute, flirty style of the 1950s British icon.

Does Ariana Grande have a stylist?

Ariana Grande is styled by Law Roach who also styles icons Celine Dion, Anne Hathaway and Tiffany Haddish, to name a few.

Which is Ariana Grande’s best outfit?

Ariana Grande has several beautiful outfits. Fans love her princess look in the Cinderella dress, her dress by Vera Wang and several other iconic or staple pieces like the knee-high boots and cat ear headband.

Conclusion About Ariana Grande Outfits For Your Wardrobe

Whether it’s fashion flirty, cute and trendy, or you’re simply wanting to look stylish and fabulous, this list of Ariana Grande outfits is a good start. You can find these clothing lookalikes at all clothing shops and of course improvise when stock is out. Either way, have fun and enjoy the sassy singer’s style guide.


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