Month: August 2020

Ad: Idli Kit Aug 30 (video)

Idlis, a popular breakfast food, are savory cakes originating from the South of India. The cakes are typically made by steaming a fermented batter consisting of ground lentils and rice soaked overnight.…


Parents: Handle Back-to-School With Confidence

Whether your children are going to a classroom or learning at home, here are some tips to ease them (and yourself) into the new school year.

Ruchika Gupta Finds Diet App for Healthy Eating

Ruchika Gupta Finds Diet App for Healthy Eating

Ruchika Gupta’s Health Click Away app helps you find the calorie counts for more than 1,000,000 different food items and offers 600 recipes.

South Asian Art

South Asian Art in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement represents an inflection point in the psyche of the world, and the South Asian community, like many others, has been reflecting, listening, and standing in solidarity with…