Month: October 2020

Shakshuka With an Indian Twist

Shakshuka With an Indian Twist

This dish is close to my heart because of how much time it took to conceptualize it and get the flavor profiles correct. Here’s a shakshuka, Indian style!

I’ve started experimenting with new ingredients that I’ve never really cooked with before, butternut squash being one of them. I always found it to be intimidating until I actually dove in and tried to use it in my recipes. I wanted to create a comforting Fall season dish that incorporated this delicious vegetable, but I also wanted to give it an Indian twist because I love fusion recipes. You don’t find butternut squash in many Indian dishes so it was difficult to figure out which spices to use and how to balance all the flavors to create something that actually tastes good. Not to mention, I had never made shakshuka before, let alone use a completely new vegetable in it.


The Metamorphosis of Naween Mangi

From a high-flying journalist to a philanthropist running community development programs in rural Pakistan, Naween Mangi has managed a remarkable transformation


Domestic Violence in the Desi Community

Domestic violence is far too prevalent in the South Asian community. Here’s what you can do as a victim and a bystander

Seema Hari is Harnessing the Power of Darkness, stunningly!

Seema Hari learned that she didn’t have a problem to fix, only a lot of creativity to unleash. This (back)story belongs to Seema Hari, a dark-skinned Indian anti-colorism activist. But it’s not…

Indian-Americans are raising toasts!

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A lot of us take our good health for granted. We try to live right, cut down on sweets, and get more exercise. But, in general, we just assume everything will be…

SEEMA HEALTH: Reflections on an Illness

After he was found hanging from the ceiling fan of his apartment in his Bandra home without leaving a suicide note in June, the “mystery” of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has unfolded…

SEEMA FOOD: Life of a Vegetarian Foodie

Amee Patel, a vegetarian foodie from Chattanooga, TN, has a huge  following on Instagram. Here is her recipe for a pizza that’s all green (OK, OK, barring the cheese). All of the…


SEEMA WOMAN: The Harris-Pence debate

California Senator Kamala Devi Harris made history, in more ways than one, on the debate stage last week. As she faced Vice President Mike Pence on the plexiglass-partitioned stage, Harris overcame hurdles…