Month: December 2020

How Passion and Purpose kept women sane during pandemic

How Passion, Purpose Kept These Women Sane

Yes, there have been good things about 2020: babies born, businesses started, quality time spent with immediate family, gourmet cooking discovered, and then some. But for the most part, this year has…

Spreading Roots to Grow

Photographer Rashmi Gill helps to capture moments that never come back. Born in London, Gill’s branches span several continents.

SEEMA Cooks: Roast Vegetable Wellington

From a young age, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother which is where my love and passion of cooking stems from. I inherited a…

Spread Kindness and Compassion This Holiday

I was talking to a friend about how 2020 has brought to light the inequities in our world and made us all woke. Don’t get me wrong: the differences and gaps have…

A Guilt Free Sweet Trip

How do you indulge in sweet treats without gaining weight? Go natural and reach for organic wholesome snacks

Seiffen Germany Mine Christmas Toy Shop

Seiffen, a Toy Story

Christmas is that time of the year when you indulge in sweet treats and traditional desserts that come with a festive twist

Green Goddess Basmati Risotto

Green Goddess Basmati Risotto

Try this non-traditional Indian version of Risotto using an Indian tadka method and finishing off with ghee, malai and Amul cheese.