Month: March 2022

Zia Mody

CEO of Law Firm AZB & Partners – Zia Mody

Read about one of the most successful businesswomen, Zia Mody. CEO of Law Firm AZB & Partners and a qualified attorney who assists her various clients.

Zarin Daruwala

About CEO Zarin Daruwala, Standard Chartered Bank

Zarin Daruwala: Read about Zarin Daruwala on this blog at Seema. Check her journey of success as CEO of Standard Chartered Bank with over 30 years of experience.

Yashish Dahiya

Read About The Success Story Of Yashish Dahiya

Read this blog to know about the success story of Yashish Dahiya, the CEO and chairman of PB Fintech, the parent company of Paisabazaar and Policybazaar.


Aerobic Workouts for the Entire Body

We’ve rounded up some of the best aerobic exercises to help you maintain your weight and generally keep fit


A Feast This Ugadi

It’s the dawn of a New Year with Ugadi, a festival that teaches life lessons through food and helps you navigate the year ahead.

mental health

Time We Addressed Mental Health

It is time to normalize conversations about mental health and not suffer in silence, as our “The Balanced Life” columnist opines

Thinking about Idlis on World Idli Day

As a child, I used to hate idlis. I found them boring even when dipped in sambar, pickle, or our Telugu family’s jar of freshly milled homemade kandigunda. Kandigunda, nicknamed gunpowder, is…

sundays with seema episode 40

All About Zarna Garg – The Standup Comedian

Zarna Garg: Read about Zarna Garg – The Standup Female Comedian. She has multiple sold-out shows, and one of the famous show is Sari, Not Sorry that featured on broadway.

sundays with seema episode 59

Sundays with SEEMA: Sonya Singh

For episode #59 of Sundays with SEEMA, we’re sitting down with entertainment reporter-turned PR expert-turned author Sonya Singh