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3 Makeup Ideas For Halloween

Oct/29/2023 / by Team SEEMA

Use paints, brushes, and powders to transform your appearance

Abstract explosion of Halloween pumpkin with cosmetic orange power and makeup brush
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From clown faces to masquerades, to the doll-like faces of female superheroes, it’s astounding how you can create Halloween costume looks with just a few tools, and some skill on your eyeshadow techniques.

Here is how to create three Halloween looks with easy eye makeup. 

The Masquerade Mask

Simply draw your mask outline around your eyes with a liquid black eyeliner. You can also use a masquerade stencil to get the best shape here.

Select the color you want your mask to be from your eyeshadow palette. You can select a color that complements the rest of your costume. However, note that this color should be the lightest variation of a color theme you’re going for. For instance, select a light blue eyeshadow to paint circles around your eyes.

Take a darker variation of blue and apply it along the outer edges of the light blue shade, and along the inside of the circle. Use a blue glitter eyeliner pen over the dark blue outline, and above the black outline you initially created with your black eyeliner. 

Apply some blue eyeliner to your lower lash line.

Apply black eyeliner to your upper lash line.

Put on a pair of false eyelashes. 

Apply a few coats of black mascara over your false eyelashes 

The Artsy Clown Look

Buy a pastel crème eyeshadow palette. With an angled eyeshadow brush, draw a diamond shape from above your brow bone to the center of your cheek. Remember to create and color in these diamonds with an eyeshadow shade that complements the rest of your costume.

Use a liquid black eyeliner to draw dots at each point of the triangles. 

Join the dots by drawing lines with a dark eyeshadow.  You can also use a charcoal-colored eyeliner for this.

Apply a bright pink rouge to the apples of your cheeks. Remember this is a clown face, so you are entitled to go overboard with the rouge. Opt for a highly pigmented rouge for best results. 

Line your lips with a red lip liner. With a clown mouth, be sure to line over your lips. You should also emphasize a cupid’s bow when drawing your lip shape.

Apply a bright red lip color in crème or matte. 

If you prefer, you can attach a red nose to your face to complete your clown face. 

The Superhero Look 

Prepare your face with primer first.

Apply your foundation and some concealer underneath your eyes and on your eyelids.

Draw on thick bold, highly arched eyebrows with an eyebrow stencil and eyebrow pencil, if your eyebrows are not naturally shaped like this. 

Take a light gold eyeshadow and apply it to the area underneath your brow bone.

Use the same light eyeshadow at the corners of your eyes.

Take a dark shade similar to charcoal preferably and apply that to your eye’s crease. Be sure to apply this several times to help contour your crease. This will help create a smoky look.

Take a shimmery gold eyeshadow, and apply it over your eyelid, just below your crease.

Take a liquid or gel black eyeliner and line your upper lash line with a winged effect.

Put on a pair of long, thick false eyelashes.

Apply a few coats of black mascara to your lashes for added dramatic effect.