30 Trendy Wedding Hairstyles to Give a Whirl

wedding hairstyles
Image credits: Jonathan Borba via Unsplash

Weddings can be a nerve-racking affair, and they are filled with a mashup of jitters, butterflies, anxiety, stress and emotional rollercoasters. With the right help and support from pros, family and friends, you’ll have some of those worries eliminated. One of those wedding blues we’re talking about is the wedding hairstyle. On this list are our top favorite wedding hairstyles for the blushing bride-to-be.

When it comes to weddings, the wedding hairstyle is one of the important things, along with makeup, shoes, dress, bridal party, etc. But what simple wedding hairstyles are there? How will you style short or long hair for the wedding?

In this article, we want to give you some peace of mind regarding wedding hairstyles, ultra-fancy, simple, minimalistic and everything in-between. Carry on reading and discover what could work for you.

1. Voluminous Braid

Braids combined with loose tresses always make a beautiful duo. This is another one of the simple wedding hairstyles, and it incorporates the use of a chunky, voluminous braid at the back. Like a half up, half down hairstyle, the braid will be in the top section of the hair. From the top section, it joins with the rest of the loose tresses. Of course, you can spruce this hairdo up with beautiful, delicate flowers.

2. Low Bun

Buns are very versatile and great as one of those wedding hairstyles for long hair. Styled with precision and extra pizzazz, a standard bun can go from regular to architectural. Best of all, the low bun works with all hair types, especially with longer lengths.

3. Blunt Bob With Brushed Out Waves

This simplistic look is a beautifully cut blunt bob, featuring some wave textures and not too much fuss. This hairstyle is great for any bride who appeals to less is more.

4. Fed-in Side Rows With Bun

Another favorite wedding hairstyle for long hair features the sides fed-in, and even fish-tail plaits to complete the results. The sides that are fed-in braids should join into a chic bun. Add some small flowers and pearly hair clips to achieve this look.

5. Grecian Goddess Swirl Braids

Greek goddess – or Grecian goddess braids – are magnificent. They tend to awe onlookers and make any bride stand out and shine beautifully on her special day. These Grecian swirl braids can wrap around the head or be implemented as a top bun.

6. Classic Wedding Hairstyle

The classic wedding hairstyle is the one seen on many brides and usually features two parts. The top part will tie the two sections from each side. The bride’s hair will be coiled with a curling iron to create classic curls. Then her hair will have accessories and flowers added to round off the look.

7. Boho Chic

Wedding hairstyles for long hair often include a bohemian (Boho) style. Boho designs always add elements of nature, like a flower headpiece while their tresses flow carefree. This hairstyle is a simple yet stunning look for brides.

8. Low Chignon

The chignon demands admiration because of its chic nature. It doesn’t take too long to complete, and you won’t be spending all day doing your hair before the wedding. However, the great news is, the chignon, once it’s completed, becomes an unforgettable look.

9. Elegant Vintage Curls

When it comes to vintage curls, it is the perfect wedding hairstyles for short hair. If you think about the ’50s and ’40s, the glamor was on another level. Women and men always looked elegant without a hair out of place.

When choosing “wedding curls” the curls can be any thickness and design. Some people prefer finger waves or pin curls. Either way, they can look elegant and paired with a net veil, the look evolves even more.

10. Messy but Romantic Updo

Updos are a staple when it comes to wedding hairstyles and other formal events. Why not wow the crowd with a messy but romantic updo. Add the element of white flowers to drive home the statement look.

11. Extra Long Smooth Curls

Wedding hairstyles for long hair that is even longer than usual could do perfectly when they’re turned into curls. Create these long smooth curls with a heat protecting styler so that when you curl them with the curling iron, they remain shiny and beautiful.

wedding hairstyles
Curly ringlets (image credits: Shutterstock)

12. All-Natural Curly Ringlets

No worries if you’re a natural and have tight-coiled hair and you’re out of ideas. There are a multitude of bridal hairstyle tutorials to help you. Leaving your natural afro coils loose and free is a gorgeous look. To add that extra special touch, go in with a flower or flower headband. The extra hair accessories depend on your theme and the clothing.

13. Sassy Top Knot Braided Back

The top knot is a favorite amongst naturally curly brides as it is simply gorgeous and gives you the right amount of texture and volume you need to complete the look.

Braid the back from the nape of the neck in the middle upwards to reach the very top. At the top, you will twist the knot. If you have short hair but want this style, feed fiber weave pieces into the tied ponytail and make the knot.

14. Fishtail Braid

Another easy wedding hairstyle for long hair is the fishtail braid. It is a glamorous look and adds that effortless, carefree pizzazz. Fishtail hairstyles can be complex at times, but a professional stylist should do it effortlessly.

15. Mermaid Waves

Mermaid waves are just another take to the popular beach waves, but the name mermaid probably comes from the flower crown feature. We imagine mermaids wear reef crowns and headpieces. The hairstyle is a playful and pretty look for the bride to be.

16. Adorned Braid

Another wedding hairstyles for long hair features a braid with flower buds in. These buds could be white roses or other wedding flowers you may have in the theme.

17. Side-Pinned Hair

Wedding hairstyles for short hair is not short of ideas as there are plenty to choose from. For a simple wedding hairstyle on your bob length hair, why not pin it on the side. You could add floral features on the pinned side as well.

18. Twisted Updo

If you’re rocking dreadlocks or have short thick voluminous curls then the twisted updo could work for your special day.

19. Layered Bob With Bangs

The layered bob can either be a sleek finish or wavy. When paired with bangs, this look is an easy wedding hairstyle that doesn’t fall short of beauty.

20. Voluminous Top With Shorter Sides

This is a trendy, edgy and yet stunningly glam wedding hairstyles to try out. It features a voluminous top with tapered sides. Whether you’re at a punk-rock theme or artsy gala, this is a look that works on many levels.

21. Side-Swept Charm

The side-swept hairstyle works for medium short and very short hair. It is casual, playful and great.

22. Bantu Knotted Elegance

Bantu knots are timeless and perfect for natural hair. They are not the usual wedding hairstyles seen, but definitely a beautiful one to do. You can create tiny ones or chunky ones. Either way, they are super versatile.

23. Fishtail Braid Accent

A rustic look for a wedding hairstyle for short hair is probably the wavy bob featuring fishtail accents. This adds a degree of depth, texture and wonder.

24. Retro Bangs With Short Bob

A short bob with retro bangs and accentuated jewelry is a fantastic combination. Retro bangs are shorter than conventional bangs but look great on certain face shapes like

25. Sassy Voluminous Curls

Short hair? No problem. Voluminous curls on a short haircut look amazing when styled correctly. Some haircuts feature shorter backs and sides to add texture to the top.

26. Pixie Glam

Pixie wedding hairstyles are gorgeous and cute too. These can feature a streak of color highlights or flowers in addition to completing the wedding hairstyle.

27. High Pony Half up Half Down Plus Bangs Combo

An easy wedding hairstyle includes the up do, of course. It’s also super popular. To create a high ponytail updo, make the ponytail higher. Wear your bangs out, and you could also add a hairpiece if you wish.

28. Chic Updo

Not all updos are equal. Although many bring that element of stylish grandeur, some updos take it further and become a delicately structured work that is fit for a dashing bride.

29 Magnificent Braids

Braids are easy to wear on any occasion. For a wedding hairstyle, braids also top the list for flexibility, ease of wear and uniqueness. Braids take longer to create, and more time should be allocated when going with this hairstyle.

30 Add a Feather

We admit that a feather could stand out if the theme doesn’t match, so check the theme before going with the feather addition accessories. Hair accessories are always great for wedding hairstyles, and the options are endless.


What is the best hairstyle for a wedding?

There is no best or worst hairstyle. The key is to pick a hairstyle that suits you. Salon professionals work with brides all the time and would have many suggestions.

How do you do half up for a wedding?

Half up wedding hairstyles follow the same principles as the regular half up half down.

In the top half, you can create an easy wedding hairstyle by adding a messy bun. In the lower part you could create volume. If you don’t prefer a bun, then tying the top with a special design, for example, Grecian braid, topsy tail, twisted sides and lots more, will do the trick.

How should I wear my hair for a wedding?

Whether it’s simple wedding hair or wedding tresses that look like an intricate work of art, designing your unique wedding hairstyle will be a perfect choice.

How do you do a chignon wedding hairstyle?

To create the chignon:

1. Gather the top section smaller at the top than the bottom, from each side of the head.
2. Secure this top section into a loose ponytail.
3. Make a tiny hole in the top hair section just above the hairband, then pull the ponytail over and through the hole. You can use hairspray to secure the middle section.

Also, use bobby pins to secure that twisted center section. Add the other two side sections and twist it to the middle securing it with bobby pins. Roll the bottom half upward and secure it in place.

Can I do my own wedding hair?

You most definitely could do your hair for your wedding. However, it would be one less thing to stress when you get it done with a hairstylist.

Conclusion About Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles are always fabulous, and it’s one of the things people often recognize, apart from the dress and other elements. If you still don’t know what hairstyle to choose after reading this list, then book a consultation with your stylist to help you figure out what wedding hairstyle will suit you best.