31 Hairstyles For Long Hair To Try Out: Hairstyles For Men And Women

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Before we look at hairstyles for long hair, we can’t deny that long hair can be a fantastic feature. Some people use their hair as an accessory to their outfit or as a modelling prop in a photoshoot. Taking care of long tresses may not be as quick and easy as it is for shorter hair. You’re also going to use more hair products and spend more time during the styling process (depending on your texture).

Keep reading if you want to check out some cool, pretty, edgy and chic hairstyles for women and men. So, without any further ado, let’s get to it.

10 Hairstyles For Long Hair Women

Some women rock short hair, while others taut long locks. Let’s check out 10 of these fantastic styles suited to long hair.

#1 Double Hair Buns

When thinking about the double buns, there’s no denying that wearing your hair like this makes for one of the cute hairstyles for long hair. The style is simple, and all you need to do is part the hair down the middle and then create the buns and secure them in place.

#2 A Twisted Bun

The twisted bun brings with it a chic, classic look that works great for every occasion. It also works as a professional hairstyle for long hair and will look great with your corporate suits.

#3 The Rope Braid (three-strand)

The rope braid may look intimidating, but it is one of the easy hairstyles for long hair. All you need to do is tie a low or high ponytail, depending on your preference. Next, start braiding it in a three-strand braid.

#4 Stacked Bobby Pins

Bobby pins work wonders when you need to tie your hair in an up-style or simply stick the stray hairs out the way. Simple hairstyles for long hair include this one with stacked bobby pins. Three bobby pins will work, but you can also stack more if you like.

#5 Half Up And Half Down

When it comes to how to style long hair, here’s another one. Split it half up and half down. This can work as a casual look or as something for a formal occasion. People often prefer updos or short hairstyles in a formal function, but long hair tied half up and the bottom half down is just as timeless.

#6 Wrap A Ponytail In A Bandana

A bandana makes a fabulous accessory for your hair and can work wonders as a wrap. You could also choose to tie your ponytail with a hairband before adding the bandana. This could work as a nice summer hairdo.

#7 Flowing Beach Waves

There’s something chic and cool about beach wave hair. It doesn’t take that much maintenance, depending on your texture. You might already have wavy hair and only need to add the right product to let it shine. You could also use a curling iron to create waves in your hair.

#8 Straight, Chic Shiny Combo

Hairstyle ideas for long hair doesn’t get easier than this next one. The straight chic and shiny comb will suit many occasions. It is elegant, and you can easily create this look using heat styling tools. For some women, blow-drying the hair will help in the first stage and the next will be to go over it with a flat iron. Don’t forget to use heat protecting hair products.

#9 Sleek Back High Pony

Ariana Grande touted the sleek high pony as a signature look since coming onto the music scene. It is a great look and works with many outfits and occasions. If you want to look great without too much hassle, then this ponytail is one of the hairstyles for long hair to try.

#10 Bubble Ponytail

The bubble ponytail features sectioned off parts of the long ponytail. The sections are separated with elastic bands, and this look always reminds us of princess Jasmine of the classic Aladdin.

10 Hairstyles for Long Hair Men

hairstyles for long hair
Image credits: Vasily Koloda via Unsplash

If you’re a guy with long hair, no worries. We have you covered with simple hairstyles for long hair men.

#1 The Flower Child “60s” Inspired Look

When we think about hippies or flower children of the modern-day, Jared Leto stands out with that thought. His wavy tresses are often seen hanging freely down his shoulders. This is a nice look for any occasion, really, unless you need to tie your hair out the way.

#2 Dreadlocks or Braids

Dreadlocks are not necessarily an interchangeable style unless you install faux dreadlocks. However, there are many cool hairstyles men can conjure up with dreadlocks. If you don’t have dreadlocks and want to add a twist to your long hair, then adding a few braids in between will add an edge.

#3 Man-Bun

Different hairstyles for long hair on men includes the very easy to tie man bun. Picture Jason Mamoa rocking his famous man-bun. The style is easy to wear and pretty cool with any outfit.

There’s also the classic ponytail for men, which is another one of the easy hairstyles for long hair. The ponytail was more of a hit in the 90s, but it has since evolved into the man bun.

#4 Long And Wavy Tresses

There’s something laidback and chill about the beachy, wavy tresses. These long waves are often seen on the beach as surfers find this a simple, no-fuss look.

#5 Long and straight

Another variation to the simple hairstyles for long hair includes long and straight. Some people have naturally straight hair, and this is how their hair flows. Sometimes drying it with the hairdryer will create this look. Either way, it’s a style that works too.

#4 Rock That Afro

What makes an afro-pop is hair length. While coily, tight curls tend to shrink, you can see when the hair is genuinely long because the bigger the afro, the longer the hair. For that matter, Belgium footballer Marouane Fellaini is an excellent example of a big afro, him and his twin brother.

#5 Half Up And Half Down

The half up and half down hairstyle is simple and wearable. It is notably casual, but wearing the right outfit could transform that same look to a toned-down formal or semi-formal style.

#6 Showing Off Those Curls

If you have long hair and it’s curly, what better way to show off those gorgeous locks than to wear them as is.

#7 Cornrows And More

When it comes to textured hair and curls, cornrows are an everyday but perfect hairstyle. If you have sleek hair, you may want it done more tightly to prevent it from coming loose too soon. Cornrows and other braid styles for men are incredible and always on-trend.

#8 Long Hair With Middle Part

Long hairstyles 2021 includes the long hair and middle part combo. This basic hairstyle is also easy to do and a time saver.

#9 Show Off Your Grey Hair

Long hair isn’t only for men with black, brown and other hair colors. Hairstyle ideas for long hair that’s already gone salt and pepper and more grey is a showstopper.

#10 Color It Blond

Some of the 90s trends has filtered through to today’s fashion, and blond hair is a thing for 2021 hair trends.


How can I make my long hair look stylish?

Long hair can look stylish either way, whether it’s tied up or hanging free. The end look depends on the entire outfit.

How can I style my long hair at home?

When styling your long hair, try to have products that work with your texture. For example, dense curly ringlets and coils may need a heavier cream texture than a mouse or serum. Lighter serums and sprays work for straight hair textures.

Is long hair in style for 2021?

When has long hair ever been out of style? It definitely works in 2021 and if you have long hair or intend to grow your hair long, then go for it.

What can I do with really long hair?

Many hairstyles for long hair work, even if you’re looking a bit like Rapunzel right about now. From neat and messy buns, side-swept over, to undercuts, ponytails and letting it loose, anything goes with super long hair.

How do you do an easy updo for long hair?

Updos are great, even if your hair is long. You can use hair clips, claw grips, bobby pins, scrunchies and scarfs to make your hair work in an up style. Please don’t use all the items mentioned at the same time, though, since it will only turn out a hot mess of confusion. Other than that, you have many options for creating the updo.

Conclusion To Hairstyles For Long Hair

As long as you have the right hair styling tools and products to suit your long hair, you can’t go wrong. Applying too many products can weigh hair down, and when using too many heat styling tools can also damage hair. If you’re rocking long hair, which of these styles did you like most?