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5 Fun Halloween Activities for the Family

Oct/31/2022 / by Nancy Amon

Even while juggling work and family, you can still have fun with the kids this spooky season


The season for horrors is almost ending, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy Halloween activities with your family. If you’re out of ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Even as a busy Indus mom, you can still have fun with your kids this spooky season.

We enjoy many Halloween traditions like pumpkin carvings and scare-licious treats for trick-or-treating. Still, there’s so much you can do with your family, even your tiny tots. So, without any further ado, let’s get to it!

Pumpkin Patch Visit

Legend has it a man known as Stingy Jack was a manipulative and cunning character. Evil overtook him one fateful Halloween, and he devised an evil plan to rule the world.

But, before he could complete his plans, a good witch who knew about his evil plans trapped him into a pumpkin so he would never come out and trick or deceive people again. Today, the iconic Jack O Lantern is still a key character on Halloween.

If anything, a visit to a pumpkin patch is just what you and the kids need to take in the Halloween festivities.

Scary Treasure Hunting

Divide into groups with a grown-up as captain when smaller kids are involved. Hide a secret candy treasure chest, and the groups will fan out and look for it. You can do this at night in a designated perimeter which could be a huge backyard or a sectioned-off playground spruced up for the Halloween adventures.

Since it’s dark, it makes looking for this treasure harder, but you can also designate lanterns to light up sections a little bit, and kids may use flashlights.

Visit a Haunted Hotel or Destination

Now the haunted hotel might not be for younger kids, but your teens could appreciate this one. Haunted locations are all over the world, and even if it wasn’t a hotel, you may choose another designated haunted destination for extreme scares.

Make Some Neat Halloween Costumes

Halloween isn’t complete without the costumes. Why not carve out time for fun Halloween costume-making with the kiddies? There are some easy outfits that won’t break a sweat or the bank. For instance, you can make a ghost costume with a white bed sheet with cut-out holes for eyes. Or a red cape made from red material that resembles Superman or another hero with a cape. You can also do eye masks which is another favorite feature in superhero outfits.

Deck Your Home With Scares And Horrors

Getting the team together to decorate the home for Halloween is an excellent idea if you have young children. Not only will they learn some beautiful arts and crafts, but you also have them under your watchful eye throughout the time.

Bonus Indoor Halloween Fun Things Even When It’s Raining

Play Pass The Story. In it, each one gets a chance to continue a story. Someone begins a spooky story but only tells it partially, then the next person adds their piece and so the story is passed on until completed.

Make sticky spider webs. All you need is some sticky craft paper and scissors. You can cut strips and stick them into a spider’s web shape.

Watch scary movies. There are some nice scary movies to watch like Corpse Bride, Adams Family and Casper that are suitable for all members of the family. This, with treats, warm drinks, snacks and candy, is the perfect Halloween family time.

Which of these fun things have you and your family done for Halloween?


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