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5 Great Food Podcasts

Oct/17/2022 / by Melanie Fourie

Learn anything from making desi beverages to making paneer pakado to the origin of indigenous candy

Whether you’re a foodie obsessed with South Asian cuisine or a food entrepreneur seeking a digital avenue to connect with your audience and grow your business, food podcasts have become incredibly popular nowadays. If you’re thinking about starting your own podcast, or need some fresh ideas for South Asian food, have a gander at the following inspiring food podcasts, guaranteed to be an aural delight!

The Tastes of India

Experience the authentic flavors of India with this weekly podcast and cooking show hosted by Puja Darshan, exclusively dedicated to delicious Indian cuisine. This bilingual podcast will assist you to cook sans having to be glued to a screen to see the recipes, making it ideal whether you are a busy parent, the spouse of a finicky eater, a bachelorette, or someone just commencing in the kitchen.

All you have to do is connect your headphones and start preparing dinner. India is vast and diverse, but this podcast will show you how its cuisine is the common thread that binds it all together. Some episodes include recipes on how to concoct mouthwatering mango cake, paneer pakoda, and a delicious Kerala veggie stew!

NoSugarCoat with Pooja Dhingra

Pastry chef and proprietor of Le 15 Patisserie Pooja Dhingra, often also known as “the macaron queen of India,” launched her personal podcast in 2018. She produces one of the most popular culinary podcasts in India, where she talks freely with experts, restaurant owners, and colleagues in the business. There are several famous chefs on her seating chart, including Rashmi Uday Singh.

As Dhingra chats with her culinary instructors and friends, she breaks down the barriers that have been erected behind shut restaurant doors, making you feel like you’re right there with them. Authentic culinary personalities emerge with tales of setback, perseverance, and triumph.

Bad Table Manners

The narrative techniques used in Bad Table Manners are innovative. This podcast explores the micro settings of homes, eateries, communities, and streets to dismantle universalized ideas around South Asian cuisine. Additionally, it elucidates the ways in which global gastronomic traditions and developments have influenced hyper-regional and local culinary expressions.

Bad Table Manners is a narrative, anthropological, and whimsical  podcast hosted by Indian anthropologist Meher Varma. It’ll transport you to the beach, through crowded marketplaces, and into the heart of homes for meals around the table. Great conversations always seem to start when proper table etiquette goes out the window, an aspect this podcast brings to the fore.

50 Desi Super Drinks

Lovneet Batra, the presenter of this podcast and one of Delhi’s most astute dietitians, editorialists, and erstwhile presenter of Restaurant Spy by India Today Group, is a youthful, busy, and talented woman. She has also hosted programmes as a celebrity on NDTV and India Today.

People nowadays assume that superfoods are exotic imports that cost a fortune since nutrition has become as trendy as fashion. Lovneet Batra’s 50 Desi Super Drinks is an attempt to debunk this myth and convince readers that any locally sourced, in-season, and fresh food deserves to be classified as a superfood. She includes 50 salivating Indian beverages in this podcast . They’re authentically Indian in every way—all natural and simple to create. Some of her lip-smacking drinks recipes include neem tea, jamun or Indian blackberry juice, and paneer doda water.

The Real Food Podcast

In this podcast, Vikram Doctor discusses nutritious, whole foods with listeners. Learn the backstory, urban mythology, and real-world charm behind common and exotic South Asian ingredients and dishes. The episodes occur via means of contemporary vegetable farms, exotic vegetable gardens, modern agriculturists, heirloom lovers, and traditional family kitchens. One of India’s most esteemed food writers, Vikram is someone who’s been there, enjoyed that, and understands that there is no love more real than the love of food!

Learn about how Indians adore ghee and butter and about the different tastes of Indian honey. Vikram also discusses the legend of Alphonso mangoes. There’s something for you if you love sweets too with his discussion on gur, an indigenous candy.


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