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5 Lessons From My Grandparents

Oct/07/2022 / by Sakshi Kate
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My grandparents, who are no more, have had a significant impact on me and my appreciation for them grows as I age. I consider myself fortunate to have had grandparents who loved and supported me throughout my life.

There are many things we can learn from those around us. My grandparents have taught me numerous lessons that have helped me to be the best version of myself. Here are some of the lessons they imparted and I hold on dearly.

Culture and Faith

I remember coming home from school and rushing to see my grandmother. Evenings were my favorite time of day. My grandmother would do my hair and would frequently tell me stories from her youth. She was a very playful child within, and would tell me stories about playing numerous outdoor games with her friends. She used to talk about how things used to work differently back then, when letters were the sole means of communication with people who lived far away. Hearing her made me appreciate the things I have. She would also explain our culture and religion to me. This was our thing. Listening to these stories would really entertain me and would also help me learn valuable lessons.

Be a Sponge

My grandfather was a very inquisitive person. He continued to try new things even after he retired from work. He would constantly be engaged in some activity or the other. He would ask me to teach him the basics of using a mobile phone or how to play board games. He had a constant desire to learn new things and interact with new people. He frequently advised me to “be like a sponge”. Take in all the information, attempt to pick up new skills, and meet new people. One should have the ability to hold onto the knowledge, but also be able to let go of all the things that don’t align with your growth. Keep the information that would help you grow and let go of the other things.

Laugh it Out

My grandpa was one of the funniest people I met till now. Even his lame jokes would sound hilarious to me. He would make fun of even the most serious things and he never failed to make me smile. He would even laugh at himself and not take things too seriously. Always smiling, always joking. From him I learnt that smiling through bad situations can make us feel a lot better. He constantly reminded me that laughter is the best solution for almost anything.  He was very kind-hearted and easygoing. He taught me to always be a little kinder than you feel, to laugh at yourself, and not take life too seriously.

Food Is Love

My grandmother always made delicious food. She used to make all of my favorite dishes for me on my birthdays, which made me incredibly happy every time. Furthermore, making ladoos during Diwali was a tradition we shared. She always made extra ones and kept them for me. It hurts to make them now, now that she is no longer here. I nevertheless continue to bake ladoos in her honor and memory.

Appreciate and Accept

My grandfather liked to reuse old things. It was unlikely for him to have a desire for new things. He rarely voiced complaints about the things he lacked because he was always pleased with what he had. The ability to be content with what they have is something that older generations possess. On the other hand, I frequently wished I had better clothes, a better phone, nicer accessories, etc. He frequently reminded me that some people don’t even have a fraction of what we do, and so we must be grateful for what we do have. I make every effort to fill myself with this value.

When my grandparents were alive, our evenings would be filled with conversations, jokes and laughter. It saddens me that now they are no more, but their memories and lessons will always stay with me.


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