5 Things All Fitness Freaks Do to Stay Fit


“The secret of living well and longer is eat half, walk double, laugh triple, and love without measure.”

– Tibetan Proverb

Do you know a gorgeous-looking person who doesn’t even seem to try to stay fit?

This person sometimes does not look normal because they confess to craving fruits and vegetables and looks forward to their daily exercise yet has no obsession about calories and eats chocolates with zero guilt.

Know that this person does not have good genes. Intentionally or unintentionally (mostly intentionally), this person has built up a set of habits over the years that allow them to have a toned body without putting in a lot of hard work. And those good habits can separate a physically healthy person from a lazy person.

I tell my clients to create an avatar of what they would like to be. This is the avatar that everybody creates with their initial question answer session.

These are the amazing five habits of fit people (avatar) are:

​1. They don’t diet

Yes, you read it right! I have yet to meet anyone who is in great shape and says this figure is the result of every new fad diet he/she tried.

I think this person does not exist. Because for the most part, physically fit people eat a balanced diet, which includes all food groups. While I personally suggest people to maintain an 80/20 nutrition plan, the ultimate key to fulfilling the needs of the body. You must know what keeps you full, energized, and happy. What music or workouts you enjoy? What helps you feel and look fit?

If you identify the answers to these questions, you’ll soon be able to embrace healthy eating, level of physical activity and not trying every fad diet.

​2. They enjoy their workouts

We all know that fad diets supposedly bring results overnight, but exercising and healthy eating requires consistency. But some people see exercising as a chore. Leaving their bed and driving to the gym is very challenging. If you also feel the same, it is time for you to find a different approach to workout. In fact, you cannot stick to something you do not love.

Fit people find a way to enjoy what they do. If they must prepare their meal, they will cook as if they are making a YouTube video and when they workout they also find ways to make them enjoyable.

Sure, they also have days when they are not excited to put on their track suit and go for a run on a hot summer day. But if they still do this it means that they like the good feeling after the workout and value that more than their desire to sit on the sofa whole day.

​3. They get plenty of sleep

If you still think being fit is all about exercising and sweating, you need to rethink fitness again. Because it is now scientifically proven that sleep plays a critical role in staying physically and mentally healthy. And this is also one of the things that fit people do.

Taking enough sleep for 7 to 8 hours not only gives them the energy to be consistent with their workout schedule but it also regulates their metabolism, improves athletic performance, and repairs the muscles.

​4. They hang out with fit people qou are who you eat and socialize with.

Just think for a second: if all the people in your friend circle order hamburgers with coke and fries in lunch, and always choose sedentary activities like watching movies and sitting around for hours, what do you think you are going to do? Most probably, you’ll sit with them all day long and eat the unhealthy food.

Now let us assume all your friends are into clean eating or try new organic meals and love to go on adventurous trips where they play soccer and go for a hike. Chances are you’re most likely to join them and have a very active lifestyle.

I know this would be difficult initially especially if your old friends have unhealthy habits. What you can do is to encourage them to adopt a healthier lifestyle or make new friends with an active lifestyle.

​5. Staying fit and healthy is their top priority

Finally, they make health and fitness as a top priority. They never let work; social engagements, work and family get in their way. When it’s their workout time, nobody dares to disturb them.

People who are fit are the same as anyone else. The only difference is their level of commitment.” – Laila Ali

For our business we love to learn strategies from successful entrepreneurs, so for our health, let’s learn strategies from fit and healthy people. Fair enough?

Let’s start taking small steps for our health! Let’s incorporate these habits into our lifestyle and our families’ lifestyles.

OK… let’s start!

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