50’s Fashion Trends That Could Make It To Your Wardrobe

1 year ago / by Nancy Amon
50s Fashion
Image credits: Arisa Chattasa via Unsplash: 50s wore swim caps as part of their swim outfit

50’s Fashion was a memorable and iconic era in style. The 1950s wasn’t the easiest years, but it stood out beautifully when it came to fashion. Ladies and gentlemen in hats, gloves, corsets and jackets, it was indeed something else.

Without delay, let’s have a look at some amazing 1950s fashion and adapt it to your wardrobe for today.

What did the people wear in the 50s?

People wore many things and had exquisite taste. The 1950s was also the beginning of many fashion trendsetting ventures and iconic celebrities helped make it possible. Similar to today, celebrities, models and actors tend to increase fame to the current trend. If it’s good, then it is good indeed.

Fit-and-flare Silhouette

In 1950s fashions, fit a-and-flare silhouette styles were beautiful and elegant while still having a playful touch. These fit-and-flare dresses were popular in the 50s and seen worn by Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Brigitte Bardot, to name a few. Today, the fit-and-flare style is famous for wedding and cocktail dresses.

Denim Jeans

It’s hard to believe that denim jeans are as old as they are, but in the 50s, denim were used by labor workers. Thanks to the durable material and stitching, it was a practical choice. It later became the hottest thing and is still one of the most reliable garments to have packed in your wardrobe. Timeless, effortless and comfortable to wear, denim jeans are here to stay.

Glamorous At The Poolside

Do you know how poolsides are often a fashion affair? The poolside fashion trend is thanks to the 50s era. Yes, 50’s fashion for pool clothes included form-fitting swimsuits, oversized sunglasses, straw hats and bags. It was great then, and the glam poolside look is still amazing now.

A-line Midiskirts

The A-line midiskirt is a great look. A-line Midiskirts was a 50’s style

 style, and every woman had a few midi skirts in her wardrobe. Today, the midi skirt works well and can form a chic outfit for work or a semi-casual ado.

The Bikini

The bikini is another iconic poolside and beachwear item that made an entry into fashion early on. In the 40s really, but it was only during the 1950s that it became more acceptable. The famous model Brigette Bardot was known for the bandeau bikini.

Even bikinis and other swimsuits were very discreet, and today, many modern women of the current century still love the bikinis that emanate the discretion of the 50s. This is especially great for body-conscious folks.

The High-Waisted Shorts

A chic take on shorts is definitely the classic high-waisted shorts of the 50s. In fact, 1950s clothing such as high-waisted shorts really soared in that fashion era. We can say with certainty having a couple of these in your closet today would be excellent for summer.

Lace In Wedding Gowns

Before Grace Kelly’s wedding, lace wasn’t popular in bridal dresses. Grace was one of the first brides to have lace incorporated in their bridal gown, and today it is still a popular material used for wedding gowns.

Sack Dress Couture

Sack dresses may not be everyone’s favorite, but surely in 50s style dresses were iconic during this era. You could probably wear a sack dress to a function, perhaps a modified version of the traditional one from back then. Dressed up or down, this style of dress can work.

Rolled Up Shirt Sleeves

Wearing a shirt’s sleeves rolled up was common in 50’s style for men and women. It was a casual look and worked well.

Blouses With Soft Drape Lines

Blouses made the perfect complement to any outfit for women. Some blouse designs included soft drape necklines, puffy sleeves and depending on what the design was, it also worked as day wear.

High Waist Shorts With Halter Top

In summer, young women would wear halter neck tops. Halter tops for 1950s clothing were modest or discreet in the sense that they didn’t show off as much as clothes do today.

Pants And Shorts In One (Pedal Pusher)

The pedal pusher trouser made its first appearance in the 1950s. This was a chic take on shorts combined with pants, and in this way, it remains discreet. Pedal pushers were more popular amongst the younger women of the 1950s.

Shorts For Casual Dressing

The shorts was and still is a wonderful piece of clothing item that allows for a casual, comfortable look.

Swim Cap

Paired with many swimsuits for 1950s fashion, swim caps formed part of the package and worked as a combo to the outfit.

Trousers Are Cropped

Trousers weren’t straightforward in the 50s, some were, but others added an extra touch and became cropped pipes at the end. The cropped trouser look was good for many occasions.

Inspired By Sailors

Sailors wore a uniform and had to dress a certain way, but this had filtered into 50s fashion, which became a style trend. Outfits were designed like sailor suits, and there were variations for men and women.

Coveralls Were Great

The earlier take to overalls or jumpsuits, coveralls were casual staples that looked good for any casual ado. Coveralls would usually be worn with a blouse and rolled-up sleeves, of course.

Shorts and Blouse Combo

The casual blouse and shorts look for 1950s fashion always insured the best out of men and women. Nobody looked scruffy, and there was never a strand out of place. The 1950s was a dapper era.

Knee-Length Dresses

Knee-length dresses were a given for 50s style dresses, and these looked elegant and even today could make a good office outfit.

Chic Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is always a great start because not only do they make an excellent item for formal attire, but also office wear. Pairing your pencil skirt with a casual top could also give it a bit of a casual touch.

Cardigans And Sweaters

You can’t go wrong with 50s fashion cardigans and sweaters. Cardigans have a. Elegant appeal and are perfect for any occasion. Wearing a cardigan or sweater with a skirt or dress is also pretty.

The 50’s outfit wasn’t about just one type of look, but people expressed their desire for their own style. Young working-class men were inspired by actors like James Dean and Marlon Brandow for the “Teddy Boys” look that featured suites with narrow legged trousers. The hairstyles were sleek back.

This new look for the young working-class men was a sense of equal ability to be a consumer of good clothes.

Just like the Teddy Boys or Greaser look for working-class men of the 50s, women were rockabilly and pinup blend.

Here are some of the 1950s Icons That Helped Shape The 50s Fashion Era

  • Audrey Hepburn – British born activist and model of the 50s.
  • Grace Kelly – Grace was an actress who retired and became the princess of Monaco in 1956.
  • Bridget Bardot – Brigit Bardot (B, B) Is a French animal activist, singer model and sex symbol of the 1950s.
  • Elizabeth Taylor – Liz Taylor was named one of the most beautiful women in the world. She started her acting career as a child in the 1940s and rose to stardom.
  • Elvis Presley –  Singer Elvis Presley was dubbed the king of rock and inspired as well as influenced many throughout the world.
  • James Dean – James Dean was an American teen idol known for his dashing looks. Dean’s style was minimalist and effortless yet inspired many.
  • Marilyn Monroe – Marilyn Monroe, an American singer-actress and model, was another sex symbol of the 50s.


What clothes were popular in the 50s?

There were many popular clothes in the 50s, including capri pants, blouses, A-line skirts and more.

What did they wear in the 1950’s?

The young men of the 50s wanted to look like James Dean and dressed similarly. The style was known as the “Teddy boys” or “Greasers.”

What influenced fashion in the 1950s?

Fashion, similar to what it is today, was inspired by famous icons like Audrey Hepburn, James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor, to name a few.

How should I dress cool in my 50s?

The best way to look your very best at any age is to dress age-appropriately in clothing that fits your figure. If clothing is ill-fitting, it doesn’t look good even if the items are pretty.

Is 1950s fashion coming back?

As with every fashion era, fashion recycles itself with tweaks here and there to adapt it to the current times. So yes, the 50s has been and still is here, and this is seen in those A-Line wedding and cocktail dresses, amongst other things.

Conclusion About 50s Fashion That Continues To Look Stunning

The 50s fashion trends were just next level elegant. While there might not be many of these items readily available at this stage, you could still find some items to use. You could even make it a special occasion outfit and