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6 Apps to Help Plan Your Travel

Jun/14/2022 / by Preetam Kaushik
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Imagine how cool it would be if you could get the answers to all your travel queries and requirements within seconds? With travel apps, this is now a reality. Whether it’s booking flight tickets, hotel rooms, checking reviews, or looking up maps, there is now an app for each of these. Research indicates that most U.S. leisure travelers use about seven to eight apps to plan and organize their travel experience. Of these, apps related to maps, weather, and branded airlines top the list.


Available for Android as well as iOS devices, this app is perhaps the most popular travel planning app today. One reason for its popularity is that it offers information on attractions and experiences not only in the big cities but also in small towns across the world. In addition, this app can come in handy when you need to check reviews along with user photos and videos. The new Trips feature lets you create customized itineraries of places on your bucket list.


This app lets you stay organized when planning your trip. You can create master itineraries for all your travel and even auto-sync this with your calendar. There is also a Traveler’s Profile section to store all your important travel documents and contact information in an encrypted format, secured with a PIN. TripIt lets you share your itinerary and also has a feature that allows you to send group texts. This app is available for Androids and iOS for free. An upgrade is available at an annual rate of $49.


Perfect for when you need to get exact details about travel times and options, this app is available for Android and iOS. All you need to do is enter your start location and the destination to see the different modes of transport available. From Uber taxis to subway schedules, you can calculate the time taken for travel and the costs involved.

Sygic Travel Maps

You might have come across this app in its former avatar as Sygic Trip Planner. Available in 18 languages for iOS and Android devices, this app shows you all the attractions and places in the city on a single map. Hotels, historic landmarks, popular attractions, bars, and restaurants are all pegged. You can also download maps and guides so that they are accessible offline. This can prove immensely helpful if you are traveling to remote locations where live mapping might not be possible owing to poor connectivity and other such issues.


Say goodbye to the hassle of comparing prices and booking flight tickets or hotel reservations with the convenient Skyscanner app. It offers good deals on accommodations and car rentals. The chart feature lists the cheapest days or months to travel to the destination you entered. It also keeps you updated on price changes with regular notifications and can help save a substantial amount in airfare and room rates.


Take the stress out of packing for your trip with this versatile app designed for iOS and Android users. Fully customizable, this app is packed with features to make packing a breeze for you. It helps you track the items you have already packed and what remains to be packed. Create new lists or import them from your email or iCloud. You could also choose from the sample lists on the app. This app provides the option of sharing your lists with others if you need their help preparing for your trip.

The next time the travel bug bites you, pick one or more of these apps to help you plan and organize your trip. They are also great for sticking to your budget and discovering new or unique experiences wherever you travel. So, go ahead and give it a shot!

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