6 Top Indian Restaurants To Try In Durham

Mar/08/2023 / by Team Seema
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When searching for the beat Indian restaurants near me in Durham, North Carolina, you will come across quite a few different results. Durham locals love a delectable Indian dish, and the Indian eateries cropping up across the city are warm and welcoming for visitors, too.

So, where should you eat when you come to Durham? Here are six of the best restaurants in Durham to try if you love Indian cuisine.

Indian restaurants in durham
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1. Thali Indian Restaurant

Searching for Indian restaurants near me in Durham will likely result in you finding Thali Indian Restaurant. This eatery is Durham-famous for its authentic Indian thalis. In case you’ve never had one, a thali is essentially a massive plate adorned with various food bowls served with rice and roti, pas well as curd and pickle. The chef and owner of this restaurant was born and raised in the city of Punjab, meaning that Tali’s food is absolutely authentic and flavorful. Inside, you can ejoy the eatery’s casual vibe. Grab yourself a thali or enjoy something from the lunch buffet.

2. Basera Biryani & Grill Indian Cuisine

Renowned for its scrumptious blend of Indian and Pakistani food, Basera Biryani & Grill Indian Cuisine is one of the best restaurants near me in Durham. Its ambiance is modern and chic with its laid-back lounge style. The huge lunch buffet options and authentic food make this restaurant one that warrants a few returns. The specialty sizzlers are highly recommended by patrons, and the basmati rice biryani is known for its rich taste. Of course, if you have a large appetite, the buffet is worth a try.

3. Sitar Indian Cuisine

Looking for a great Indian buffet in Durham? Located on Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd, Sitar Indian Cuisine will make you think you are stepping into a genuine Indian restaurant. It features some eye-catching and brightly painted walls, carpets to match, jars of pickles placed atop pristine white tablecloths and classical Indian music playing in the background. Sitar is popular because it has all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner buffets. If you are indeed looking to fill your empty stomach, you might just find yourself wanting to try a bit of everything. The chicken tikka masala and the chicken curry are extremely popular here and are highly recommended by those who’ve tried them.

4. India Gate

Rich, flavorful and totally authentic Indian food – that is exactly what India Gate delightfully serves. These Indian meals are wholesome and healthy, served within a casual eatery that locals flock to for a fun meal out. India Gate has a lunch buffet that will get you stuffed, so don’t go unless you are absolutely famished – you’ll really want to try everything. Of course, you can order from the a-la-carte menu, and there are plenty of delicious dinners to try. Among the most recommended dinner meals are the aloo tiki, channa masala, chicken curry and chicken vindaloo. There is also a hot gulab jamun that you can order after you’ve downed your meal.

5. Curry Point Express

Popular in the area for their over-the-counter express lunches, Curry Point Express is perfect for those who are in a hurry and yhave a hankering for some tasty Indian food. Here, you are able to make your own wraps and plates, so you get a lot of options for how to customize your meals. The korma and chicken tikka masala are both highly recommended by those who’ve tried them. Curry Point does not look all that high-end, but the food – especially the delicious dosas – should not disappoint.

6. Lime & Lemon Indian Grill & Bar

If you are in the area of 9th Street, stop by Lime & Lemon Indial Grill & Bar for lunch or dinner. This is a place that is vibrant in its decor and entirely modern with how they’ve styled the bar. Lime & Lemon serves both authentic North Indian food and authentic South Indian food. This means that you can take your pick from hotter or milder dishes. Anyone wanting a lighter dinner and a drink might want to order the tandoori starters. Other popular options here are the mango lime chicken, masala and onion kulcha. The Indian-themed cocktails are also worth a try. Finding Indian restaurants in Durham NC is not all that difficult, but locating the one with the most delectable dishes can be a chore. The joints listed in this article are some of the best Indian eateries around, so give one – or all – of them a try while you enjoy all the sites, sounds, scents and flavors that Durham has to offer.


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