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7 Mountain Towns to Visit

Dec/12/2022 / by Nancy Amon

If you’re in the mood for travel in the snow, here are some great places to be.

Pic courtesy Steve Jurvetson / Wikipedia Commons

Few things are as beautiful as the awe-inspiring nature that lives around us. What better way to explore the leafy and lavish beauty of Mother Nature than visiting some of the lovely mountainous towns in America or Canada? For a white Christmas and snow-topped picturesque experience, we’ve compiled this must-see list for your stay this season.

Estes Park, Colorado

When it comes to wildlife and beautiful landscapes, Estes Park in Colorado is just the place to be. The region is blessed with rocky mountainous terrain and picture-perfect vistas. If you’re a nature lover seeking to flee the city, then this is the town for you. Estes Park has many things to do. It is also home to wild bears, elk, and other woodland creatures.

If you’re visiting Estes Park in Colorado, you’ll also find many things to do, like beautiful log cabin accommodations, seeing the animals of the wild park reserve and lots more.

Sun Valley, Idaho

In Sun Valley you’ll find the both sun and snow, and some of the most gorgeous views to take in. As a sought-after resort town, Sun Valley 6draws tourists and locals from other regions. You can enjoy outdoor snow activities like skiing, trails and more. There are also lots of relaxing family-orientated accommodations to choose from, and you won’t feel bored while visiting this town.

Vail, Colorado

Another famous mountain town is the ever-popular ski town, Vail. This region is home to some of the most prestigious ski trails and is known for grand luxury and elegance. Vail is also famous for excellent local food festivals, many ski resorts and accommodations. There are also ski lessons for children and adults, so you can still enjoy the ski experience – even as a beginner.

South Lake Tahoe, California

Located on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains the South Lake Tahoe Resort enjoys mountainous landscapes. Some lovely things to see are pristine Lake Tahoe and a variety of ski trails and snow events, such as sledding, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing. You can also sink your teeth into great food and quaff some craft brews. If that isn’t enough, South Lake is also known for vibrant nightlife, live shows, entertainment, and music.

Wood River, Oregon

The area is famed for its magnificent scenery with the star being the Wood River itself. The river is home to brown trout and some redband rainbows. A visit to this timeless town gives you a variety of things to do, and places to see, such as wineries and breweries. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy walking trails, rafting, visits to local orchards that supply the region with fine wine.

Big Sky, Montana

Like many stunning mountainous towns in the U.S., Big Sky, Montana, is no exception. It boasts fabulous scenery for outdoor lovers, and food and drink for foodies visiting the area. You can take advantage of the ski resorts and ski events, whether as a participant or spectator.

Fernie, British Columbia

If you vacation in Canada, stop by Fernie, British Colombia. Canada has many notable regions to check out, but if you had to choose one, this is it. The town is shrouded in history, dating back to the 1800s discovery of coal by William Fernie and Colonel James Barker. The town receives around 30 feet of snow in winter. The Fernie Alpine Ski Resort is a much-loved place to visit there.

Closing Thoughts

Don’t hesitate to take your family and friends to some of these magnificent places, where the mystical magic mix of snowy mountains and cloudy skies await.

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