7 Must-Visit Indian Restaurants in Irvine

7 months ago / by Team Seema
Indian Restaurants in Irvine

Do you love Indian food and live in Irvine? This article is perfect for you if the answer is yes to this question.

Irvine is a city that many people are familiar with due to its proximity to the University of California-Irvine. There are many cool Indian restaurants in Irvine that you should try out. If you want a taste of the latest and greatest, hitting the strip malls near University Mall is advisable.

Here are some of the best options.

1. Annapoorna Indian Cuisine

14450 Culver Dr, Irvine (949) 651-1144

Annapoorna Indian Cuisine
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This excellent Indian restaurant in Irvine serves Southern California locales cuisines for corporate meetings, conventions, and gatherings. It delivers authentic Indian cuisine prepared with Indian spices and beautifully decorated in Indian style.

It offers an enormous lunch buffet, and its menu features Indian specialties from many regions, such as vindaloos and kormas. In addition, it specializes in Tandoori cuisine, which includes fish, lamb, and chicken tikkas. The chefs here use “Halal” meat so that Muslims can consume the non-vegetarian dishes without reservation. Try their Indian pieces of bread, such as rotis, kulchas, parathas, and naans, and be sure to sample the stuffed varieties.

The restaurant has a private room that can accommodate up to 30 people and another with a seating capacity for over 50 people. It also has two banquet halls, each of which can seat over 100 guests. Tables are set with beautiful pottery, linens, and bone china dinnerware. The staff here is dedicated and friendly as well as service-oriented. People who have had their meals here give them five stars rating on Yelp.

One noteworthy thing about this restaurant is that it’s a year-round landmark in Irvine for various Indian celebrations, including weddings, anniversaries etc. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone in Irvine who’s looking for a great Indian food experience in a more formal setting.

2. Vishnu Restaurant & Catering

17945 Sky Park Cir J, Irvine (949) 752-0358

In a casual setting, this Indian restaurant in Irvine, CA, serves various delectable food, such as curries, dosas, and vegetarian options, as well as several tempting sweets. It excels in catering and offers Indian lunch with vegan options five days per week. Dishes at this Indian restaurant are reasonably priced.

Choose from their selection of starters, South Indian entrees, pieces of bread, rice, chutney, and other condiments, and you will want to return soon.

The unique thing about this restaurant, is that you can enjoy all of your meals here for less than 10 American dollars per person! You can sit down for a thali meal or order off their extensive menu, including appetizers, soups, salads, chicken curries, lamb curries and much more.

This place is highly rated by diners on Yelp. It also has an all-you-can-eat buffet for $8, including tax. When I visited, there were eight options – of which I think five were vegan (though not explicitly labeled as such). You also get offered a nan (maybe not vegan?) and a dosa.

3. Smart Kitchens

17951 Sky Park Cir unit F, Irvine (310) 490-2001

Indian Restaurants in Irvine

Nirvana is one of the best Indian restaurants in Irvine. This place looks more like a hole in the wall than a formal restaurant but doesn’t let its simplicity fool you; it serves some of the incredible food I have tasted with an excellent taste and modest prices! Believe me; once you have tried their food, you will be going back for more. The menu here includes popular Indian dishes including “Murg Makhani,” “Chicken Makhani,” “Tandoori Fish,” and “Soy Chutney.” They also do an excellent job in making their daal and curry dishes right in front of you to your liking.

Make sure to have the tandoori chicken with their homemade naan bread. The restaurant is air-conditioned and provides free Wi-Fi access so that you can get connected while enjoying their delicious cuisine.

Overall, Smart Kitchens is one of the best Indian restaurants in Irvine that provides affordable, quality food in an amiable atmosphere. It also has a private room that can seat 20 people and lots of parking spaces.

4. Natraj’s Tandoori

6751 Quail Hill Pkwy, Irvine (949) 509-1800

Indian Restaurants in Irvine
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Natraj’s Tandoori is one of the best Indian restaurants in Irvine that has been featured in media outlets. The restaurant is located in a small strip mall, with lovely decor and warm colors. The staff here is well trained, courteous, and efficient. The ambiance here is comfortable, with traditional Indian music playing in the background to make it even more special. The menu here includes a wide selection of Indian dishes, including “Curry,” “Lamb,” “Chicken,” and “Fish.”

The tandoori pieces of bread served here are some of the best I have ever had. You can order their traditional Indian mango lassi drink to wash down your meal. The place is ideal for anyone who loves to enjoy delicious Indian food in an intimate setting with family and friends. They also cater to all types of private functions, so you don’t have to miss out on your favorite Indian dishes during celebrations!

5. Punjabi Tandoor

2540 Main St H, Irvine (949) 261-6607

Punjabi Tandoor
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Punjabi Tandoor is another Indian restaurant recently opened in Irvine along with Saravana Bhavan. The restaurant is located close to the South Coast Plaza

This place serves authentic Indian cuisine besides providing traditional services with friendly staff. The menu includes “tandoori” chicken, fish, lamb chops, paneer tikka, grilled salmon and tortillas. They also do murgh pardessan (tenderloin) and chicken makhani, which are good.

The meat always looks tender and juicy. They are also known for their lamb kebabs which are simply delicious. I highly recommend this place to anyone who loves authentic South Indian cuisine.

6. Southern Spice

3850 Barranca Pkwy Ste O, Irvine, CA 92606 (+19496796914)

Southern Spice is one of the best Indian restaurants in Irvine that has been featured on “Diners, Drive-In and Dives.”

The restaurant is owner used to live in India, and assures that all of their food is made fresh and with the finest ingredients possible. If you happen to go here, don’t forget to try their curry dishes, especially the lobster curry, which comes with freshly boiled lobster accompanied by rice and roti bread. You will not be disappointed!

7. Clay Oven Indian Cuisine

4250 Barranca Pkwy Suite L, Irvine (949) 552-2851

Best Indian Restaurants in Irvine
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Clay Oven is one of the best Indian restaurants in Irvine that has been featured on the Food Network and several other media outlets. This restaurant is located in a convenient strip mall off Sand Canyon Avenue.

The ambiance here is very cozy, quiet, and warm. It is a trendy place among families who enjoy having dinner together as they can order their food at the counter or sit at one of the tables inside or out to dine!

Getting a table here is not difficult, so don’t worry! Their menu features a wide range of authentic Indian food, including “Murg Makhani,” “Chicken Makhani,” “Karahi Chicken Tikka Masala,” “Meat Samosa,” and many other dishes.

On top of that, they also have great dessert selections. I highly recommend the buttercream desserts here. They go great with the hot tea or anything else you may drink after your meal.


Which are the famous Indian restaurants in Irvine?

The most famous Indian restaurant in Irvine is Annapoorna Indian Cuisine due to its good online reviews.

How many Indian restaurants are there in Irvine?

There are at least 10 Indian restaurants in Irvine.

What is the most popular dish served in the Indian restaurants in Irvine?