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7 Ways to Strengthen Family Bonds

1 year ago / by Preetam Kaushik
Image credits: Vivek Kumar via Unsplash

The good things in life are never easy. This holds true for family, too.

You need to dedicate a good deal of time, effort, and patience to nurture and strengthen relationships. It is a work in progress, and not something that comes with a finish deadline or time frame. While leading busy lives, it can be hard to stay connected with those you cherish – but it’s necessary to try your best.

Strong bonds are good for every family member. They encourage individual thinking and feelings of self-worth. Positive relations can have a welcome effect on the physical and mental health of every member. This is especially true for children, who feel loved and secure and get the confidence to step out and learn new things. Children who grow up with robust bonds learn to nurture good relationships of their own.

Here are some ways to strengthen family bonds.

Spend Quality Family Time Together

This is about making the best use of the time you spend with your family. It could be over the weekend, on holiday, or at a specific time each day such as bed time or meals together. Enjoy doing fun things as a family – it could be board game night or a picnic in the park. Set aside a few minutes every day for everyone to sit together, with devices off and out of sight. Try to have one-on-one chats with each member as this can help strengthen individual bonds. Find time for your partner and spend some time alone.

Work as a Team

This is a good way to reinforce family ties. You could share household chores, collectively find solutions to problems faced by one or more members of the whole family. Family meetings are a good way to involve every one, including small children, in the decision-making process. The issues can involve picking a holiday destination, signing up for a group activity, etc. Lay down family rules that make everyone feel supported while setting boundaries.

Ensure Positive Communication

This involves the freedom to express thoughts or feelings openly and listen without judgment. Whenever a family member wants to talk, give them your complete attention. Talk frankly about tough topics such as substance abuse, finances, and other such issues. Do not hold back praise when deserved; it can be encouraging and motivate members to do better.

Value One Another

Show your appreciation in different ways. Be a part of everyone’s lives through actions, such as attending each other’s stage performances, sporting events and the like. Encourage one another by recognizing individual strengths. Celebrate every occasion, however small they might be, and live life to the fullest as one family.

Lead by Example

Be a role model. Promote harmonious relationships through your behavior and actions. By showing restraint and righteous conduct when dealing with crises, you can set the benchmark for the rest. Encourage family members to stay calm and seek solutions to any problem through rational thinking instead of gut feeling.

Mingle With Other Families

You and your family are part of a society. Fostering relationships with other families can help strengthen the bonds within yours. It can also help you realize that no one is perfect and that every family has shortcomings. You could interact with those from your church, neighborhood, or your children’s school network.

Having a strong system of support can help you face the world. It is family that keeps us grounded, engulfing us in its warmth and comfort. Beginning this International Family Day (May 15), pledge to find joy in the everyday things that you do with your family. Use these tips and to strengthening and nurturing familial relationships every day!

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