70s Fashion Brought in A New Era of Style and Confidence In Folks All Over the world

2 years ago / by Nancy Amon
70s Fashion

Meta description: 70s Fashion is all about being bold and probably stepping out of your comfort zone. It was a strange time for fashion trends, and many items won’t make a come back soon.

The 70s fashion trends were special, but not always in a good way, especially not for men. Later in this article, we’ll feature some cringe-worthy men’s 70s outfits. The fashion that rocked the 70s was also a different style that set the tone for a customized, defined look.

Gender-neutral designs and wearing items that you thought were great was all the essence of the 70s. It was the era of expressing your own style.

Before we check out some of the not so cool outfits, let’s get some 70s fashion trends that crazed clothing stores worldwide.

Groovy Headscarves

Headscarves were fabulous then, and it works now too. Whether print or plain, they are excellent helpers when changing your hairstyle.

Crochet items

What did people wear in the 70s?

Exciting items, to say the least. Some 70s must-have garments included crochet items. Not your usual scarves and caps, nope, the 70s were creative in the clothing department, and these crochet items could be anything from mini skirts to tank tops.

Stepping in Clogs

Clogs were such a classic of the 1970s style. Imagineclogs paired with bellbottom trousers, and you’re good to go. Clogs were fascinating and made with special wood like chunky soles, and they were super diva. Picture the dancefloor and people dancing to groovy beats; this is the essence of the 70s. Bring on the clogs, it’s here to keep us company this season.

Ultimate Flared Pants

Yes, bellbottoms were great then, and the iconic style is rocking our clothing stores now too. Flared pants are great for any occasion. Jeans for your casual ado’s, and formal trousers for formal functions. Flared trousers also work with crop tops, and that’s great too because we’re seeing a mashup of 70s and 90s styles rocking this season’s fashion trends.

Prints are Funky

There’s nothing like some cool prints to make a statement. The 1970s fashions were all about statements, and this included special prints that were wilds and fun. Prints work on dresses, swimwear, jackets and more.

Halterneck Tops

The loveable halter neck stood its ground in the line-up of 70s fashion. Halterneck tops are back for the trends in the 90s and, as a result, the 21st Century too.

Suits For Women

Bianca Jagger is one of the iconic names of the 70s that sorted a white pants suit and looked amazing. The 70s began to see the rise of suits of all types, including pants suits, tracksuits (sweatsuits or warm-up suits) and jumpsuits, to name a few. Call it the era of suits if you must; either way, some of those suites are still gracing many peoples wardrobes today.

No Compromising Bright Colors

When it came to 70s fashion, bright colors were one of the top features of the era. Bright patterns, fabric textures, and lots more got the style going, amongst other quirky aspects.

Can’t Go Wrong With Floral

1970s Clothing was also big on floral prints and this was seen on dresses, men’s shirts, shoes, swimsuits and more. Florals are bold and are a no-nonsense fashion statement perfect for warm weather. There were plenty of florals to go around in the 70s.

Above the knees boots

Talk about high-rise legwork. The above knee boots was a classic in the 70s and worked well with casual or semi-casual attire. It was a neutral foot model so

The Denim Dress Must have

Again we see this season’s style fuse the 90s and 70s into one trendy look. Denim are fantastic items to stock up on. In the 70s however, the denim dress is still thriving.

Monochrome Dressing To Impress ‘Em

Monochrome is great either way you look at it. The 1970s style captivated this trend early on and it paved the way for aspiring trends to take the market by storm.

The Boho Dress (Bohemian dress)

The Bohemian dress, or peasant dress, has always been an iconic favorite for many women. The dress is crafted with prints to make things better and won’t interfere with other added pieces. Bohemian dresses are usually bold and voluptuous, not to mention pretty too.

The boho dress may not be the same as the 70s, but it is a 70s fashion that isn’t taking any chances of staying behind.

A Simple Handbag

When it came to accessorising your style in the 70’s, going all out with a stylish over the top bag was out the question. Plain, minimal bags were fine. Jane Birkin was an advocate for easy to wear and carry basket (straw) handbags. However, Hermes also designed a leather bag known as “the Birkin bag” and sells between $40,000 to $500,000.

The Safari Inspiration

Yves Saint Laurent is popular for the famous safari dress. Safari suits and dresses were iconic in the 70s as well.


Neck scarves or neckerchiefs were also popular in the 70s. It was a staple in every accessory closet and easy to wear with most outfits. Neck scarves are back and available at most clothing accessories stores.

The color Hot Pink

You already know that color was a big deal in the 70s, especially bright colors. The 1970s style was big on hot pink and formal dresses made in this color wasn’t unusual. Elizabeth Taylor wore a pink dress to an event and her outfit was paired with a pink turban and adorned in pearls and beaded jewelry.


Speaking of jewelry, pearls are another precious stone that was huge in the 70s and with good reason. Pearls are beautiful and make some of the most stunning jewelry.

Tie-Dye Plus Crochet Combo

Tie-dye items were big in the 1970s and this paired with crochet items made an even bigger statement. You can find tie-dye items at clothing stores easily this season since it’s back on-trend.

Fantastic Feather

When it comes to material choice, in the 70s style, feathers were an excellent material choice. Think expensive and luxurious coats, gowns and bits of accessories. Feathers continue to make a mark in the fashion world but may not be as popular now as it was back then.

Floral Dresses in Green

Florals were a hit in style trends of the 70s, but green floral dresses were a keeper. Green floral dresses were suitable for those summer strolls and leisure afternoons.

What Men Wore In the 1970s

The 70s fashion is a love-hate situation. While some models effortlessly posed for the camera in their teeny tiny underwear, others were “cooler than cool” in their super high waisted trousers.

The badminton outfit for men by Jockey

Badminton is a big sport, and in the 70s, Jockey created special underwear for these athletes. Not to mention, it sold well.

Underwear that’s “funtawear”

Why on earth would anyone want to wear these undies? We’ll never know. Still 1970s fashion included odd-looking underwear for men and women that had supposedly catchy graphic prints on it.

The belted sweater

You may laugh and think this one to be crazy, but indeed the belted knit sweater was a thing of the 70s. Picture something out of Robin Hood or possible cosplay. Cringeworthy? Sure, but not as bad as other 70’s style items that passed as wearable.

Snug snuggies

While snuggies might have been snug-fitting in 1970, it isn’t the same concept today. Snuggies today are excellent and comfortable loungewear that you won’t feel bad wearing in front of people. Snuggies of the 70s were pretty revealing.

Silk robes and pyjama shorts

Silk robes are one thing, but takkie silk robes and short silk pyjamas for men, those weren’t cool then and are not cool now.

Square pockets on trousers

Another man and woman combo of 1970s clothing is the terrifying square pocket. The worse thing about it is that it wasn’t even the same color as the pants. No thanks!

Bodycon for men eek

The bodycon look for men is not a cool style. However, this outfit made it easy for a “tucked in” finished look.


How should I dress for a 70s party?

70s fashion was cool and bright. You can imagine that a pair of flared leg jeans, crop top, and headscarf already makes a great look to a party. Slip dresses also worked in this era, and depending on the type of party; you would be able to adapt accordingly.

What did they wear in the 70s?

The 70s was lit with color, gender-neutral fashion trends, and bold statement pieces. From jumpsuits to sweaters with belts, the 70s had it all.

What clothes were fashionable in the 70s?

There were various fashion items during the 70s. People were bold, and fashion told a story. Flared pants became a hit along with many other designs.

What trends were popular in the 70s?

Crocheted clothing items were trendy back then. Bonus points for people who could crochet to make their own designs and rock a unique look.

What inspired 70s fashion?

The 70s was inspired by the freedom to be your own and express who you are through fashion. It was free from restrictions, and designers came up with some items that are now an eternal fashion staple.

Conclusion About 70s Fashion

70s Fashion had its time, and it’s clear to see why some items are not coming back for an encore. Still, if you like the fashion trends of the 70s, there are creative ways to reinvent them for your wardrobe.

What did you like or dislike most about the fashion trends of the 70s?