8 Ways Meditation Can Change Your Life

Mar/08/2021 / by Nancy Amon

Meditation has increasingly become a mainstay of the wellness movement in the past decade, and experts say it is not surprising. The pandemic has further heightened the difficulties and challenges of everyday life. These challenges affect people emotionally and mentally. Thankfully, there are ways to deal with stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness that does not involve using harsh drugs.

Understanding meditation

Meditation is a practice that involves the mind and body. It helps the body to heal because of the energy alignment and it also increases mental wellness.

Have you ever experienced full clarity of mind? Or felt such content that the challenges of the day don’t upset you? That is what meditation can help you to achieve.

​When did it all begin?

Meditation is a long-standing practice in Eastern countries like India, China, Japan, etc. In fact, evidence of meditation in religion and spiritual practice date back to 5000 BCE in India.

Later, Western cultures also adopted this practice for well-being. Today, it forms part of school education, and health and wellness training.

So, why does meditation work and in what ways can it positively affect your life in 2021?

​ #1 Restores mental clarity and focus

Sometimes we get swooped up by the hustle and bustle of life. Juggling family, work, and sanity can be difficult.

Mindful meditation helps restore focus and clarity. This is especially good if you’re studying, or you just need to focus on work. It helps free your mind from stressful or negative thoughts.

​ #2 Reduces anxiety, stress, and depression

Due to Covid, many people are anxious, worried, and stressed about their current and future situation.

There have been many job losses, emotional struggles, and problems people face after the passing of a loved one. These factors result in emotional instability.

Meditation takes our minds and bodies from one stage to the next. The process helps to engender calm, and ease stress and depression. Meditation can help you get through difficult times.

​ #3 It helps you remove anger and fear

We often face hard times, and sometimes people can infuriate us on many levels. Harboring anger generates negative energy. Meditation can quiet our thoughts, reduce our fears, and help us become more positive. Sometimes uncertainty and fear can be overwhelming. But, if meditate focusing on the good stuff, we learn to let go of fear.

​ #4 Increased feelings of happiness

Everyone can do with a good dose of happiness.

Incorporating meditation into your lifestyle can help you see life differently. Since it encourages positive energy, it can also increase happiness. According to the journal Ancient Science, meditation and breathing exercise increases dopamine and serotonin in the brain.

​ #5 Boosts your energy levels

Some people prefer to get the wonderful energy boost of a meditation session while also doing yoga and breathing exercises. Together, they give the body the power to see it through a busy day.

​ #6 Improves your quality of sleep

Since meditation helps to quiet our minds and create focus and clarity, it also helps the body to relax. This is especially beneficial for those who have trouble sleeping. Even those who don’t suffer from insomnia can gain from its practice.

​ #7 Manage pain

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different. Meditation helps increase dopamine in the brain. Implementing meditation and breathing exercises will also help you manage pain.

​ #8 Increases tolerance

Sometimes our emotions can get out of control, but this is where meditation can help. It gives the sense of tolerance and endurance in tense situations.


Often, meditation is about synchronizing the mind and body. You can overcome your struggles and improve your mental wellness if you set your mind and body to it.

Meditating every day can improve your self-esteem, wellness, and empathy towards others. It is a positive and healthy practice everyone could well add to their lives.

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