90’s Fashion For Women That Would Inspire Your Capsule Wardrobe

Apr/15/2022 / by Nancy Amon
90’s Fashion for Women
Image credits: Unsplash

Fashion trends formed part of our lives for generations. Every era in the fashion industry has a story and inspiration that insights designers to create some great-looking clothes. 90’s fashion for women is trending then, and some are still popular now.

If you’re looking to get your hands on some fantastic outfits representing 90’s style women then keep reading for more inspiration.

Sneakers Plus Slip Dress Combo

For a cooler than cool look in a 90’s clothes women’s getup, the silky, short slip dress paired with sneakers is a nice one. The look is trendy and fit for any casual day.

Slip Dress With A T-Shirt

You can wear slip dresses as they are, but you could also pair them with a t-shirt for that casual, easy-going look. While not everyone would jump at the suggestion of this get up, but it worked in the 90s, and it could work for you now, if you like it that is.

The Jeans With A Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are great inventions of fashion. 90’s Outfits women include bomber jackets that are great looking, warm and excellent to wear. Pair it with jeans, and you have a cool 90s outfit.

Overalls (Jumpsuit) With Sneakers

It doesn’t matter if you love Converse or the Adidas brand. In fact, it doesn’t matter the sneaker brand. Pairing low profile sneakers with your overalls and at-shirt is an A-list look you can’t afford to miss out on.

Claw Clips To Sort Your Hair

Some hair days are great, while others are not so great. A claw clip can help improve your bad hair days by simply clipping everything back neatly. Easy as pie. But you don’t only have to use claw clips to hide a bad day, and it is a wonderful support for an up do too.

Denim Overalls and Combat Boots

Another pair for looking cool in 90’s fashion for women style is wearing a denim overall with combat boots. You can top this look with a plaid shirt to give it extra oomph.

Chockers Accessories

Accessories were prominent in the 90s, and wearing a choker was a good call. Chokers work for casual, daytime and formal ado’s.

Hoop Earrings

For earrings, the hoop stood out in the 90s era, and it was terrific. As part of the great accessories of the time, hoops and chockers were a must have.

Fanny Packs

The ever-popular fanny pack was one of the leading accessories to have because it kept your goodies all in one place. What used to be a tourist’s number one piece is now an accessory of today. You can pick up fanny packs at affordable prices.

High-Rise Jeans

Flare denims are brilliant, but high-rise jeans are also a hit and look good with a blouse, t-shirt or crop top.

High-rise jeans are versatile and available in many styles, including skinny, flared, wide leg and more.

Pleated Skirts and Pants

Pleats for a 1990s fashion woman is a staple. Pleated skirts and pants work for just about any occasion. Instead of buying regular pants, go for one with pleats.

Subtle Makeup

Makeup always plays an essential role before heading out the door. Whether you’re off to work, college, or simply a party, makeup is the last stop. 1990’s Style women are low-key on makeup. Makeup is softer more natural.

Puffer And Bomber jackets For The Cold

Bomber Jackets are famous in the 90s and current times, but so are puffer jackets and windbreakers. Layering up in winter is perfect, and adding your preferred 90s coat will do the trick. 

Knit and Crocheted Clothing

It may sound strange to crochet a top or skirt, but this rocked in the 90s. Wearing crocheted or knit crop tops, strappy tops and skirts are one of a kind and popular.

Color It Tie-dye

Tie-dye colors were big in the 90s and carried over from the 60s. Tie-dye is a cool color and fun  for any time occasions.

Denim And More Denim

You can never have enough denim, and the 90s fashion made denim a thing. You could wear denim with everything. For example, you can wear denim jeans, shorts or a denim jacket. Denim on denim is also a winner on some occasions.

Lengthy Dresses

Long-length dresses were what 90’s fashion for women were wearing. From floral to plain materials, these longer length dresses are beautiful, flirty and playful to wear.

Neon Colors Does The Trick

If you were wondering what colors rocked the 90s fashion for women, then neon is one of those important colors. From neon sweatsuits to shorts and t-shirts,  the brighter the color, the better the wearer.

Long-length Blazer

The 90s did all types of fashion including, long-length blazers. You could get even these in neon colors too.

Cropped Tops

When it comes to crop tops, they are versatile and available in sweaters and t-shirts. However, while crop tops may not be everyone’s forte, it pairs well with overalls, shorts, mini skirts and trainers.

1990’s fashion women is lively, and bright. Adding some 90s inspired pieces to your closet could do you a solid.

A Scrunchie For Your Hair

Scrunchies were fun and easy to wear. They may have been small accessories, but the scrunchie was great and helped if you wanted to tie your hair up, down on the sides or just wear it on your wrist. 90’s style women fashion enjoyed the little stuff.

90’s Fashion for Women – Shoes

When it comes to shoes, the 90s had variety. Shoes of the 90s era included platforms, lace-up platforms, platform sandals, combat boots, wedge sandals, chunky soles and more.

Jeans A With a Flare

Jeans were mostly flared in the 90s, and 90’s fashion for women is packed with this style. Denim was an integral part of the fashion industry at the time. Flared jeans also pair well with wedge shoes, and they are perfect for casual occasions.

Grunge Fashion Style Guide

90’s Style women fashion included something called “grunge fashion” and this was more of an easy to wear, edgy street look. The cool and hip women like Gwen Stefani and Kim Gordon were the ones who ushered this type of style in.

Grunge fashion saw many flannel materials, combat boots, fishnets stockings, mini slip dresses, low rise jeans, crop tops and oversized jackets, to name a few.

The Boyfriend Jeans Plus Crop Top Combo

The crop top looks great when the bottom half is a bigger fit, such as pairing it with a boyfriend or wide-leg jeans.

Hairstyle Inspiration Of The 90s Fashion For Women

Messy hair buns were a hit that along with high ponytails and also strands of hair that frames the face. For short haircuts, a choppy pixie cut is fantastic.

Cargo pants (Utility Pants)

Pants with multiple pockets is the dream. Imagine not having to carry a bag because your pockets will keep everything? Well, cargo pants are a 1990s fashion trend that is loved by many.

Cargo pants also tend to pair well with a crop top or tight-fitted t-shirt. Don’t forget the retro platform sneakers to complete the look.

Bike Shorts Craze

Who said bike shorts are only for cycling and sports events? Bike shorts are something of a fashion statement and in the 90s, even the Princess of Whales wore it with oversized sweatshirts.

Today you can spot Instagram influencers and celebrities donning the popular bike shorts with a blazer to create a formal outfit and also for everyday wear. Add a pair of trainers to finish your look with bike shorts. 


How does the woman dress like the 90s?

The 90s style is all about grunge fashion and edge, and this is how a 90s woman would dress.

Which accessories did a woman wear in the 90s?

Chokers were one of the most popular accessories of the 90s and along with that were hoop earrings as seen by icons like J-Lo as well as scrunchies.

What tops did girls wear in the 90s?

Crop tops were some of the most popular tops girls wore in the 90s.

What outfits were popular in the 90s?

Some outfits in the 90s include overalls or dungarees, slip dresses and denim.

What were the trends in the 1990s?

The 1990s were big on fashion like grunge style as well as bright colors and chunky soles.

Not all garments and accessories are approved by every fashionista. You may disagree on one or more of the styles mentioned here, but one thing is certain, you still have variety. Because the 90s was so in-depth with fashion trend ideas, it may not be everyone’s take on style. Either way, you can mix and match what you like about fashion in the 90s.

Conclusion About 90’s Fashion For Women

The 90’s style woman was fierce and amazing. She wore her clothes with confidence and conviction and stood out in her own style. Thanks to the variety of styles, colors and textures in the 90s, you have plenty of choices.

If you haven’t sorted a capsule wardrobe, or you’re looking to spruce up your current closet, then you might feel inspired with these.