90s Fashion Trends That Continue To Rock – And Some That Don’t

2 years ago / by Nancy Amon
90s Fashion

Best 90s Fashion Styles That Inspired People To Adapt Their Wardrobe

Fashion trends lead the way every year and sometimes consecutive years. Fashion inspires all age groups, whether dressing for college, or making a capsule wardrobe for work. 90s Fashion was colorful, sometimes wild, and big on uniqueness. We’d like to share some of these trends in fashion that sparked the 90s catwalks and closets.

The Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket was great then and made a comeback now. Bomber jackets feature puff-style, shell-texture material and smooth inner lining. The bomber jacket was not only comfortable but warm too. Best of all, the bomber jacket is versatile enough to pair smart casual or full-on casual wear.

The Pleated Mini Skirt

Thanks, Clueless, for the iconic fashion statement. The popular pleated mini skirt of the 90s Fashion is back at it and rocking the crowd’s wardrobes. Whether you’re going for plain, checked or bright colors, you’ll find a mini pleated skirt to suit your occasion.

The Slip Dress

The Slip Dress was a 90’s outfit trend and with good reason. It was easy to wear and layer under other garments. It was minimalistic and a good item in your capsule wardrobe of the 90s.

Flared Jeans

When we think about flared jeans, we often picture the hippies of the 60s, still flared jeans was a 90s fashion trend that dominated most wardrobes. Long before skinny jeans made a comeback inspired by the iconic stovepipe of the 60s as well, the flare jeans graced the wardrobes of 90s fashion enthusiasts throughout the world.

Rock A Crop Top

Crop tops made the 90s shine, and it was great either way. Crop tops could be dressed up or down and even paired with a sari. Grab your pair of flared jeans, crop top with hoop earrings, and you’re ready to take on the town.

Playful in a Playsuit (Jumpsuit, Dungaree)

Whether you call it a jumpsuit, overalls or a playsuit, these clothing staples were a must for the 90’s style. Depending on the materials and the style, it could double for a casual or formal outfit.

Jumpsuits rocked the town back in the 90s, even when out running errands. What made this 90s attire great was that it was so versatile and comfortable. 90s Fashion definitely made a comeback and are available at many clothing stores.

Summertime Boardshorts

You can’t go wrong with a good pair of boardshorts. Boardshorts fashion staples were big in the 90s and still works today as a summertime outfit. Boardshorts were available in neon colors, as a swim item and comfortable either way.

Inspired By Hip Hop

We can’t miss the fact that back in 90s Fashion wearing oversized clothing was a fashion statement. Hip hop artists set the tone in this style area with baggy pants and jeans, oversized jackets, sneakers and more. The hip hop look was trending for most singing groups as well as their fans.

Animal Print

Animal print was always great for instilling a sense of luxury, even when it’s faux leather. With that said, animal print is back for accessories and clothes. Call it the pattern of choice this season, inspired by the 90s, of course.

In the 90s, animal print dresses and skirts were a big fashion deal, and many folks enjoyed the look.

Looking Shiny With Sheer Materials

Sheer material was a staple style in 90s fashion, and we love that garments were crafted in sheer fabric for posh ado’s and casual events. You’ll find some lovely sheer items in stores these days too.

Luxury Velvet

Velvet dresses and textured accessories weren’t strangers in the 1990s. In fact, Sarah Michelle Gellar sported an elegant velvet dress on the red carpet, as did other celebrities.

Corset Inspiration

Whether it’s 90’s style dresses or the famous corsets, the 90s embraced the look. Corsets were loved by many famous people, including Sarah Jessica Parker. Corsets are in style again and available at clothing stores.

Leggings In Print

Leggings are always a great staple because they are comfortable and easy to wear. Go casual and enjoy the effortless feel of print leggings.

Edgy Leather Blazer

Leather is an excellent material, long-lasting and easy to maintain. In 90s, fashion style was big on leather blazers but even today, they look amazing.

Kicking With A Pedal Pusher

Pedal pushers were an awkward invention and not very flattering, especially for shorter legs. That said, even though the 90’s saw this trend florish, it isn’t coming back anytime soon, and that’s pretty okay with us.

Halter Neck Handkerchiefs Cut

The halterneck was a stunning piece and something every wardrobe ought to have in the 1990s. However, the halter neck handkerchief may not have worked for everyone, but it was an excellent casual style and even a beach look with shorts.

Baggy Trousers

Another baggy clothing item in 90s fashion is baggy trousers. Sometimes these baggy trousers were more utility style with pockets everywhere. They are often paired with crop tops, and even halter neck tops. These days we don’t think they’re a big hit, but you can still find them in clothing shops if you like the look.

Tube Tops

Tube tops were 1990s fashions must-haves because they looked good paired with jeans, shorts, mini skirts and were great for summer. Every woman had to have a few of these tube tops.

Baggy Knits Plus Beanie Combo

Baggy sweaters paired with a beanie was a norm in the 90s. Brad Pitt and other celebrities rocked this getup.

Tie-Dye Prints

Tie-Dye prints are another 90s trend that took inspiration from the 60s flower children. Can’t argue with the fact that tie-dye items are fun and cool.

Denim Skirts and Dresses

You can’t go wrong in denim. At least this was true for the 90s. 90s fashion was lit with denim items, from jackets and jeans to skirts and dresses. You can still wear your favorite denim items now, too, thanks to the comeback.

Peasants Skirts and Tops

These were a big-time favorite amongst many women. The peasant skirt, dress or top always made a summer day feel fresh and comfortable.

Long dresses

Dresses draping all the way down to the ankles weren’t strange in 1990s fashion styles. It was a must-have in every closet, and it was a good item for formal and casual ado’s.

Neon Colors

Up there, with prints like tie-dye and animal prints are neon colors. What would the 1990s be without the neon? From shoes and bags to shirts and t-shirts, neon was the way to go.

Bicycle Shorts (Cycling Shorts)

The Princess of Whales Diana turned bicycle shorts and oversized sweaters into a trend that’s rocking current trends like crazy. Princess Diana had her own style, and she always looked chic and wonderful in everything she wore.

90s Fashion Accessories

Choker accessories

Another 1990s clothing accessory hit was the famous choker. These statement neckpieces were a fad amongst the goth movement and hit fashion trends throughout the 90s. Again, we see the iconic choker make a comeback for another round of fashion influence.

Fanny Pack aka moon bag”

The fanny pack was also called “moon bag” in certain countries, and it was an easy-to-wear staple that nobody left home without. As one of the hottest 1990s clothing styles, you could wear it to run errands, keep your money and belongings safe without being weighed down. We saw the beloved fanny pack make a second run in fashion and you could probably get it at, most clothing stores.

Another cool thing about the fanny pack is that it is made in a variety of fabrics, from leather to canvass, you’re bound to find something you fancy

Hair’s right with a chunky scrunchie

Yes, the 1990s style had your hairstyle covered if you wanted a ponytail, pigtails, or need to tie it in a bun. Scrunchies of all textures and colors were the it look.

Large and medium hoop earrings

The 90s fashion was big on accessorizing your look and with that came some gorgeous hoop earrings. J Lo was an iconic fan of hoop earrings and we loved it. Whether formal or casual, hoop earrings worked.

Tall with platform shoes

Chunky but lovely, the platform shoes are back. While the 90s style had these in shoe closets worldwide, they’re back again with their comfy lift. From platform boots to platform sandals, you’ll find what you need to suit your look.

Tiny bags

Sometimes we just need a bit of item with us, and the tiny bag did the trick in the 90s. While it wasn’t bulky, it made carrying it around easy.

Skinny-strappy sandals

Strappy, skinny sandals may not be everyone’s style, but the strappy, skinny sandal is a good look, especially for formal occasions. Pair it with a beautiful dress, and you’re good to go..

Bucket hats

Not everyone is keen on a bucket hat, but some people can wear them well. If the hat fits, wear it.

Oval shades

Oval-shaped sunglasses may not suit everybody, but they do look good. While oval glasses disappeared off the radar for a bit, they made a comeback.

Hair cuts and styles

Don’t get us started on hair cuts. Pixie choppy haircuts ruled most of the 90s. 1990s Style for hairdos also included the famous Rachel Green of Friends hair cut. 90s Haircuts were prevalent for most women.

Other hairstyles included high ponytails with a sleek back. It also had strands of hair to frame the face. Let’s not forget braids and all the hair accessories of the 90s to go with it.

Butterfly clips

Butterfly clips were handy and great for all occasions. There was probably no woman in the 90s that didn’t own a butterfly clip.

Claw clips

Who can forget the popular claw clips? These were easy to wear, and they made the best formal and informal hairstyles.


What clothing was popular in the 90s?

Crop tops and baggy pants was a famous outfit in the 90s

What are 90s fashion trends?

The 90s fashion trends were everything from fanny packs to bicycle shorts.

What did they wear in 1990?

In 1990 jumpsuits were very popular, as well as oversized knitwear.

What was big in the 90s?

The 90s were known for casual and comfortable fashion styles.

How do you dress in 90s fashion?

The 90s took inspiration from some items that rocked the 60s and it revived it. These 60s turned 90s fashion included wide-leg jeans and tie-dyed colors.

Conclusion About 90s Fashion

We hope this list helped you answer your question about what did people wear in the 90s. If anything, these 1990s style garments and accessories are hitting clothing stores all over again. Thanks to the simplicity and easy to wear nature of many 90s items, we understand why many people enjoy the encore.