A Celebration of the diversity, richness and legacy of Indian Music

Aug/11/2023 / by Abhijit Masih

The Festival of Indian Music 2023, presented by the Indo-American Arts Council, is a truly exciting and unique event, showcasing two different facets of Indian musical heritage. The three day event (August 11-13) will be held in New York City and promises to be a celebration of folk music and tradition with a concert featuring Malini Awasthi to represent India’s rich folk music traditions.

The festival brings attention to the often lesser-known but culturally significant art forms and showcases the importance of preserving these traditions for future generations. Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, a maestro of classical Indian music and an internationally renowned sarod player, will present a concert that represents the continuity of musical heritage through generations. What sets this performance apart is the participation of his sons and grandsons, who are also accomplished musicians in their own right. This multi-generational collaboration creates a
unique and unforgettable experience, illustrating how the love for music and tradition can be passed down through families, ensuring the preservation and evolution of Indian classical music.

India at 75: Amjad Ali Khan, Amaan Ali Bangash & Ayaan Ali Bangash / Lidiya Yankovskaya with the Refugee Orchestra Project in Concert

Paying homage to the musical legacy of Pt. Vijay Kichlu adds another remarkable dimension to the Festival of Indian Music 2023. Pt. Vijay Kichlu, a prominent figure in the world of Indian classical music, was renowned for his expertise as a vocalist. The tribute includes screening from the film “Raga Revelry” offering attendees a unique insight into the life and musical journey of Pt. Vijay Kichlu. The involvement of his son and nephew in the tribute brings forth the essence of a musical legacy passed down through generations. Artists like Chandrika Tandon and others will also pay tribute to Pt. Vijay Kichlu.

With two contrasting concerts, the Festival of Indian Music 2023 offers a diverse range of musical styles, each contributing to the overall richness of Indian music. While Malini Awasthi’s folk concert provides a glimpse into the cultural tapestry of rural India, Amjad Ali Khan’s classical concert brings forth the refined and intricate artistry of Indian classical music. This diversity showcases the vastness and versatility of Indian music and its ability to connect with audiences from different backgrounds and preferences.