A Cinematic Queen: Devika Bhise

Jan/02/2023 / by Team Seema
Devika Bhise
Image credits: Wikimedia commons

Little girls all over the world look up to actresses. For many little girls, especially in India, Devika Bhise is an inspiration, and for good reason. What is there to say about her? With multiple movies under her belt, she’s paved the way for other Indian girls and has inspired many more. Standing at 5’5″, the age of her is impressive.

Woman Of Many Hats

Actress Devika Bhise is known for her acclaimed work not only as an actress, but also as a singer, dancer and scriptwriter. Starring in the British drama “The Man Who Knew Infinity” Devika has earned herself the recognition she deserves. The 2015 film wasn’t her only hit; she’s starred in plenty of films. Her compelling characters catching the interest of many.

The thirty-one year old actress, singer, dancer extraordinaire is also a wife, marrying Nicholas Gilson in February of 2020. Nicholas is a snowboard and ski developer, and after a 13-year romance, the two finally reconnected and married. The age of Devika Bhise making no difference at the time.

More Talent to Come

The net worth of Devika Bhise is sure to grow. Her net worth sits at around $1 million, according to a few sources. However, it’s easy to see that this talented actress and singer is sure to win the hearts of many more people in the future. With many successful roles and projects already under her belt, Devika isn’t going anywhere, thankfully.


Who is Devika Bhise married to?

She is married to Nicholas Gilson. The two met in their formative years, and after a 13-year on-and-off romance, finally reconnected and married in February of 2020.

When did Devika Bhise die?

She is still alive and well. Born in March of 1991, she is still working and living happily with her husband.

Where was Devika Bhise born?

Devika was born in New York City, USA. Her parents are of Indian heritage and prestige.


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