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Nov/15/2021 / by Swarnendu Biswas
sabrina singh
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Sabrina Singh is top-notch administrator from the US, placed in the high echelon of Biden administration.  She is the Special Assistant to Joe Biden and White House Deputy Press Secretary in the Joe Biden administration. However, if one asks what is the profession of Sabrina Singh, it is always more appropriate to describe her as an administrator than as a media person.

This above-mentioned news on Sabrina Singh must be complemented by the fact that the bright, young lady was appointed by the former Senator of California and the then Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee Kamala Harris (now the first woman Vice-President of the US) as her Press Secretary. With that appointment Sabrina became the first person of Indian origin in the US to achieve the distinction of being appointed as Press Secretary to the Vice-presidential nominee of a major political party. This achievement is a major highlight in the biography of Sabrina Singh.

About Sabrina Singh

Sabrina Singh, who is an alumna from the USC School of International Relations, got a flying start to a so far illustrious career in the administration as the Press Assistant at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Before being appointed by Kamala Harris as the Press Secretary, the dynamic lady had the experience of being the national spokesperson for  2020 presidential campaign of Michael Bloomberg. She did have the position of Senior Spokesperson in Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign. Before that Sabrina worked as the National Press Secretary for .Cory Booker 2020 presidential campaign.

Both Cory Booker and Michael Bloomberg were Democratic presidential hopefuls. In the middle of January 2020, Booker dropped out of the presidential race because of low-digit polling and disappointing fund-raising. On 4th March 2020, Bloomberg opted out of the presidential race, and extended his support to Joe Biden. 

In fact, Sabrina Singh has a rich and varied experience in presidential campaigns. In the 2016 presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, Sabrina was Hillary Clinton’s Communications Director. Sabrina also had the distinction of being the Deputy Communications Director for the Democratic National Committee and spokesperson for American Bridge‘s Trump War Room.

Esteemed Family Background

Born in Los Angeles, California in 1988, Sabrina Singh hails from a family of immigrants. Sabrina’s grandfather Sardar Jagjit Singh (Sardar “JJ” Singh), was a freedom fighter and the head of India League of America. He moved to the US before the partition of India, in 1946. Though “JJ” Singh died before Sabrina’s birth but she is very much aware about his fight against the then racially discriminatory policies in the US and his fight to obtain citizenship for Indians in the US.

She has claimed that it was her grandfather’s campaign which eventually led to then US President Harry Truman signing the Luce-Celler Act, which gave citizenship to nearly 3,000 Indians then residing in the United States. 

Jagjit Singh’s son and Sabrina’s father Man Jit Singh was born in New York City but his parents moved to New Delhi, when he was only five years old. Following the death of Sardar JJ Singh in 1976, Man Jit Singh and his wife Srila Singh (Sabrina’s mother) immigrated to the US.

Sabrina’s bright future in the high echelons of the US administration seems to be perfectly complementing her rich family legacy.


What is Sabrina Singh most famous for?

She attained fame when she was appointed by the former Senator of California and the then Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee Kamala Harris, who is now the first woman Vice-President of the US, as her Press Secretary.

What is Sabrina Singh’s worth?

There is no authentic data available at present in public domain which gives a clear assessment of her net worth.

Who is Sabrina Singh’s husband?

She is married to Mike Smith, who is the Political Director for Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

How old is Sabrina Singh?

She is around 33 years old.

Where is Sabrina Singh originally form?

Though she is from a family of Indian immigrants, she was born in the US, in Los Angeles. She is an American of Indian origin.


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