A New School Year

1 year ago / by ANUSUIYA MEHROTRA
new school year

The first day of a new year at school is always memorable. A new school year is marked by excitement about having new books, with the smell of a black marker you use to write on your name slips. It is filled with the anxiety of having a new classroom, and new teachers, not knowing what the New Year’s curriculum will be like. One prepares with essentials for the day and makes resolutions, aiming to follow them all year round.

Preparing yourself with all necessary items for the first day becomes a tradition for all years. You purchase new pens, new notebooks, and other stationery, a new school bag, and get your uniform ironed and ready the previous night. Besides this, you have to prepare yourself mentally for this event: making resolutions for the term and preparing for this eventful day. You make a list of goals for the new term. You promise to reach classes on time, attentively make notes in all classes, not sleep while the lessons are going on, score A’s in all tests. Apart from these, there are the promises to enjoy the year with your friends, not get into fights with them for petty reasons, and to make the year a memorable one. One has to be ready to face the challenge of a new year, with a different syllabus, possibly a harder one, and the pressure of meeting up the expectations of your parents, teachers, as well as peers. 

With the incoming school term, students get to meet new friends and acquaintances. While some old friends leave, and others become lifelong friends. Despite the anxiety felt due to having to part with older classmates and having to socialize with new ones, students look forward to a number of things. The opening of the new school year leads to new classes and lessons, and this change refreshes the students mind, clearing and refueling it for a new year. The stamina needed to work hard and do well all year round needs to be built and a mindset of dedication is required. One looks forward to different opportunities the new year at school has to provide- different competitions, inter school as well as intra school events, help in building on one’s interest and in deciding one’s future.

new school year

With a new school year starting there is a sense and feeling of achievement. The achievement of having successfully passed the previous year, that they had been able to successfully complete a year of education, along with participating and excelling in the extra curricular activities, other school events, and personal goals. Becoming a year senior gives one a sense of responsibility and builds a closer relationship with the older teachers.

Many students endure bullying at school, or have to endure a certain someone they do not like. A brand new year gives them a chance to change their existing image. Though it can be done any time in the year, marking a new year provides an opportunity to make amends, making it easier for a person to recognize and act upon it. The mental pressure of these social problems can be eradicated and a fresh start can be made.

A new school year begins with excitement and joy, and nervousness and anxiety. It gives a brand new start to everyone, encouraging students to achieve their goals and build on their interests. There are new unclear but positive feelings that encourage students to move on to success.