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A Time for Flower Boxes

Aug/02/2022 / by Rashmi Gopal Rao
flower box
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A symbol of hope, beauty, growth and positivity, few things can make you feel happier than a bunch of fresh flowers. Vibrant and colorful, nothing screams summer like they do. From tulips, daffodils and geraniums to petunias, peonies and hydrangea, flowers always lend a happy and cheerful vibe to any place. Given that summer is the perfect season for these flowers to thrive, it is a great idea to have them in your own home, too. And when it comes to growing them at home, a window flower box is an ideal way to incorporate these beauties.

Easy to maintain, these are just what you need to give your home the perfect summer edit. Whether on a window sill or hung from the railings, they make colors pop, giving your home a charming aesthetic. The best bit is that these boxes do not occupy space in your interiors, so they work even if your house is small and lacks a proper garden. In addition to you, passersby can also appreciate the beauty of these window boxes. Here is a quick guide to creating beautiful flower boxes for your home this summer.

Styles and Materials Galore

While window planters are easily available online, you could built them, too. From rustic weathered wood, cedar and pallet boxes to copper, eco friendly plastic and wrought iron, planter boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose one that is sturdy, durable and has good drainage performance. Ensure that it can be easily mounted and also taken off if required. Make sure the material that is in sync with your décor and can be easily maintained. For instance, if your décor style is rustic, farmhouse or boho chic, antique style wooden boxes or even wrought iron with coco liners are a good choice. You can also paint or even stain wooden boxes in colors of your choice to complement your décor scheme.

If you are reusing the box from the year before, replace the soil. Readymade potting mixes with fertilizers are easily available, incluidng those made for flower beds. Fill up the planter box with the potting mix, leaving a gap of about two inches from the top. Mix well to ensure that there are no air gaps. If your box endures too much sun, add some water crystals into the soil to keep the mixture moist. Put a liner at the bottom of the box along with terracotta chips or gravel to improves drainage.

Now you can decide on the flowering plants and how you will arrange them.

A Visual Delight

Several plants that are easy to grow and maintain can work in window boxes. They should flourish well under sunlight with some TLC. Start by planting taller plants, such as daffodils, lavender and snapdragons at the back. They form a beautiful backdrop that looks good even from within the house. White gaura, or bee blossom, with its tall stems and pretty flowers, or bright salvias are good choices if you are looking for height.

Before the tall plants add smaller and trailing plants. Petunias are one of the prettiest options for window flower boxes. They come in shades of pink, fuchsia, blue, white and purple and bring an array of colors to your space. Impatiens and verbena are equally vibrant and eye-catching too. Geraniums, zinnias as well as nasturtiums are also good choices and thrive well in well-lit locations. If you want to add more texture and character to your box, finish it off with some sweet potato vine. In case you want to use just one or two flowers for your box, tulips are a great choice and so are an assortment of just petunias and /or geraniums.

You can keep the box flourishing even after the flowering season. Chrysanthemums grow well in the fall, as does ornamental kale. Pansies thrive well in the cold season. You can also rotate the flower box according to themes. If you like only foliage coleus, say, then ornamental peppers and ivy are good ideas. You can also have a “herbs only” box. Irrespective of the plants you pick, water, trim, weed and clean out weeds from the boxes to keep the plants fresh and healthy.

The earth laughs in flowers – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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