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Jan/30/2023 / by Team SEEMA
Sarita Choudhury
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Sarita Choudhury

Born on 18th August 1966, Sarita Catherine Louise Choudhury is a British actress widely known for her role in ‘Mississippi Masala’ as Mina in 1991. Other than the age of Sarita Choudhury, here are some things to know.

Early Life and Education

Sarita Choudhury was born in London, England, to Prabhas Chandra and Julia Chandra. She grew up in Mexico, Jamaica, and Italy, because her dad was a scientist, and they needed to move often.

She attended Queens University, Ontario, where she majored in economics. However, she later changed to acting.


Her acting career started when Mira Nair, an Indian-American filmmaker, spotted her as she auditioned for ‘Mississippi Masala in 199. She ended up getting the role of Mina, a transplanted Indian woman in the interracial romance film.

She played alongside Denzel Washington, who played the role of a Southern African American man. The movie was an instant hit and earned her the Screen Actors Guild Card. Sarita was, however, still working in Manhattan’s East Village as a waitress as the film hit the theaters.

She also maintained her non-Hollywood roots and kept her exotic looks, which earned her a role in the 1992 film ‘Wild West as a Pakistani country-western singer. She also appeared in ‘The House of the Spirits’ in 1993 as a Chilean maid and ‘Fresh Kill’ in 1994 as a lesbian mother.

In 1995, she starred in one of her other significant movies, ‘The Perez Family,’ directed by Mira Nair, the Mississippi Masala director. The following year, she appeared in ‘Kama Sutra: A Tale of love,’ where she played Tara, the cuckolded queen.

Sarita Choudhury appeared on five episodes of ‘Homicide: Life on the Street’ from 1998 to 1999, in which her role was Dr. Layani, a medical examiner. Over the two years, she also had other supporting roles in ‘A Perfect Murder’ in 1998, ‘Restless’ in 1998, and ‘Remake Gloria’ in 1999.

In 2001, she got another significant role in ‘100 Centre Street’, a drama, where she played Julia Brooks. In the same year, she appeared in ‘3 a.m.,’ directed by Lee Davis, and a year later, she appeared in ‘Just a Kiss.’

In 2004 actress Sarita Choudhury featured in ‘It Runs in the Family.’ One of her major works of the year was ‘She Hates Me,’ directed by Spike Lee, where she played the role of a lesbian virgin.

In 2006, Sarita Choudhury was featured in ‘The Lady in the Water’ and in 2008, she was in ‘The Accidental husband. In 2009, she appeared in ‘For Real’ directed by Sona Jain, an independent film director.

Actress Sarita Choudhury said that since she appeared in her first movie, she got many offers to star in films based in New York and other countries. While she went with the flow, she said it had been long since she shot a movie in India, which drew her to accept the character in Sona Jain’s film.

In the same year, she got one of her most significant roles. She appeared in the NBC drama ‘Kings,’ where she played Helen Pardis, the king’s mistress. The film was based on King David’s Biblical story set in modern times, and Rizpah was her Biblical counterpart who played King Saul’s concubine.

In the same year, she appeared in ‘Entre nos,’ a flick in which she played Preet. Shortly after, she appeared in the television series ‘Homeland’ as Mira, Berenson’s wife. In 2011, Sarita Choudhury appeared in ‘Death in Paradise,’ a joint British/French television series, and ‘Azaan.’

In 2013, she appeared in ‘Admission’ in a short cameo and played Indira Gandhi in ‘Midnight’s children.’ Soon, she was approached to appear in ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, which she accepted and got the role of Egeria in parts one and two, released in 2014 and 2015.

She was later cast in ‘Blindsop,’ a drama series, from 2015 to 2016 as Sophia Varma, the Deputy White House Political Director. In 2016, she also co-starred in ‘A Hologram for the king,’ alongside Tom Hanks. In 2020, she became a supporting actor in ‘Here Comes Frieda.’

Sarita’s latest project was HBO Max’s revival TV series ‘Sex and The City,’ in which she plays Seema Patel, a Manhattan powerhouse real estate broker. In 2021, she also appeared in ‘The Green Knight.’


As Sarita grew her acting career and featured in more movies, she got different award nominations. Her first nomination was for the Outstanding Performance Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2014 for ‘Homeland.’ In 2021, she was nominated for the Best Supporting actress Minami international Science Fiction Film Award for ‘Here Comes Frieda.’

In 2022, she was nominated for and won the Best Supporting actress Gold List Award for ‘The Green Knight.’

Personal Life

Sarita has two brothers, Chandra Paul Choudhury, her older brother, and Kumar Michael Choudhury, her younger brother. She has a daughter named Maria, but she keeps her personal life off the media.

Net Worth of Sarita Choudhury

Sarita’s net worth is estimated at $2 million, mostly from her acting career and brand deals.

Facts about Sarita Choudhury

Some of the facts you might know from the biography of Sarita Choudhury include:

  • She is 5’8” tall
  • She weighs 58 KGs
  • She has born hair and eyes
  • She is a Leo


What Nationality Is Sarita?

Sarita is British but has a half-Indian, half-English ethnicity.

Who Is Sarita Married To?

Sarita keeps her personal life private, and not much is known of any current romantic relationship. According to many outlets, however, she is not married but had a previous marriage with a war photographer.

How Many Movies Has Sarita Worked On?

Sarita has worked on around 47 movies, 12 short films, and 30 television series.


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