About Senior MD & Chairperson Rekha Menon of Accenture

Jun/11/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Rekha Menon
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Rekha M. Menon

Rekha M. Menon is the senior managing director and chairperson for Accenture in India. Rekha Menon Accenture is one of the foremost experts in advanced technological innovation and progress in the realm of socioeconomics. The biography Rekha M. Menon also indicates that she is the chairperson for NASSCOM and is also a National Council of CII member and a member of the India Advisory Council. Menon serves on the Board of Governors for XLRI School of Business, which is her alma mater. She is also on the board for two nonprofit organizations: Akshara Foundation and Pratham Books.

What Is the Professional of Rekha M. Menon?

Entrepreneur Rekha M. Menon is a professional businesswoman and one of the most powerful professionals in India. Before becoming part of the Accenture team, Rekha Menon was exclusively working as an entrepreneur. She cofounder a nonprofit company and two technology organizations.

In her spare time, Menon enjoys cycling, hiking, and reading.

The age Rekha M. Menon is unknown; however, she is the first female chairperson to work with NASSCOM and the company has been in business for over 30 years. Rekha Menon has also been with Accenture for 17 years.


Who is Rekha Menon’s husband?

-Rekha Menon is one of the top LGBTQ ally global executives. No information is listed on whether she has a spouse or romantic partner.

What is the net worth of Rekha M. Menon?

-When we see information about Rekha Menon, we can’t discover the exact networth Rekha M. Menon. However, we can conclude that Menon lives a lavish lifestyle and is worth millions. News on Rekha M. Menon indicates that she made 13 acquisitions as of January 2021 which is another sign that she and her loved ones are quite wealthy.

Where was Rekha M. Menon born?

-Menon’s birthplace is unclear, but biographical information on the businesswoman indicates that she currently lives in Bangalore.