Actress Ayesha Dharker Dazzles On Stage and In Film

Nov/26/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Ayesha Dharker
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Are you looking for information about Ayesha Dharker? We’ve got you covered. The team is obsessed with the stunning and talented actress who’s been entertaining audiences for over 30 years.

Biography of Ayesha Dharker: Family and Early Years

On March 16, 1978, poet Imtiaz Dharker and documentarian Anil Dharker welcomed a baby girl named Ayesha into the world. The family lived in Mumbai, and Ayesha attended the J.B. Petit School for Girls. During the summers, the Dharkers decamped to Scotland and England, where her mother grew up.

Unlike most other children, Ayesha started working at the tender age of 8. At 10, she appeared in her first feature film, François Villiers’s “Manika: Une Vie Plus Tard.” Two years later, she found herself on the set of “City of Joy.”

Ayesha Dharker’s Best Known Roles

She is best known commercially for her turn as Queen Jamilla in “Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.” Though small, the role gave her an international platform. But her breakthrough performance was Malli in Santosh Sivan’s 1998 indie, “The Terrorist,” which garnered Dharker a National Film Award nomination and a top prize at the Cairo International Film Festival.

Rom-com fans may also recognize Dharker as Asha from the 2006 flick “Outsourced,” in which she starred alongside Josh Hamilton.

Notably, in 2016, Dharker joined the Royal Shakespeare Company’s cast of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Ayesha Dharker has also been in:

  •  “The Mistress of Spices”
  •  “Coronation Street”
  •  “Arabian Nights”
  •  “Anita and Me”
  •  “Cutting It”
  •  “Life Isn’t All Hee Hee Ha Ha”
  •  “Bombay Dreams”
  •  “Doctor Who”
  •  “The Indian Doctor”

Ayesha Dharker’s Personal Life

During the 2000s, Dharker worked a lot and lived around the world. During her stint on Broadway, she fell in love with the Big Apple and considered calling New York home. But friends talked her out of the move, and Dharker eventually returned home to India.

But her zip code eventually changed in 2010 when she married businessman and Englishman Robert Taylor at a picturesque medieval church in Cripplegate, London. The pair made London their home base and had a daughter named Ava around 2013.

Ayesha Dharker FAQ

We’ve done the research. Check out our answers to commonly asked questions about Ayesha Dharker.

How tall is Ayesha Dharker?

She proudly stands 5’1″ tall.

How many films has Ayesha Dharker featured in?

She has an impressive list of credits, including 14 feature films, 14 television shows and 15 stage performances. She also voiced a part on “Silver Street,” a BBC Asian Network radio drama.

Dharker also has an Audible credit; she narrates Monica Ali’s book, “Brick Lane.”

Who is Ayesha Dharker married to?

Dharker met her husband, Robert Taylor, through a friend of her father. Taylor is a senior vice president at Vitabiotics, England’s largest supplement company, and he also chairs the British Health Food Manufacturers’ Association.

What is the net worth of Ayesha Dharker?

She keeps her personal life personal, so it’s difficult to determine her net worth. Some sources say she has assets totaling about $1 million.

How old is Ayesha Dharker?

Many people are curious about the age of Ayesha Dharker. The actress was born in March of 1978.

Where did she grow up?

Dharker grew up in Mumbai but spent the summers in Scotland and England, where her mother was raised.


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