Ad: Idli Kit Aug 30 (video)

Aug/30/2020 / by seemadmin

Idlis, a popular breakfast food, are savory cakes originating from the South of India. The cakes are typically made by steaming a fermented batter consisting of ground lentils and rice soaked overnight. Seema Kumar’s unique idli recipe uses a combination quinoa and semolina for an instant batter. This reduces the fermenting time so that the idlis can be made within the hour — including prep time! Served with hot sambhar, this satisfying meal feeds up to six people as a healthy lunch or dinner.

Instant Idli Loaf & Sambhar Kit by Seema Kumar for Desi Galli
Available now at


So head on over to to order your SEEMA meal kit now! It comes with all the fresh ingredients and dry ingredients you need, plus instructions on how to prepare everything. So why not cut your cooking time and enjoy your precious family moments? Unpack your box and create some delicious memories.

Available for shipping, pickup or delivery at
Vegan + gluten-free
Serves up to 6

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