Woodstock 1969 is synonymous with a weekend in upstate New York with a legendary status in music history. The first-ever mega music festival, it quickly spiraled out of control, with an almost 450,000-strong crowd turning up despite the rain. To calm the crowd, the organizers called in yoga guru Swami Satchidanand, who gave the opening address, setting a tone of peace that lasted through the three days of the festival.

Unlike in the East, and more specifically unlike India, yoga in the US does not go back too long. The credit of bringing this idea to America is attributed to Swami Vivekanand, who gave a famous speech at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893. In just over a century, yoga has become a mainstream path to wellness among everyday Americans and celebrities alike. A practice that was unheard of in the West is now being promoted, practiced and taught by modern day gurus – such Aditi Shah.

Aditi, is a Peloton instructor for whom yoga goes beyond movement and a practice that can bring freedom and joy to life. She has lived and practiced yoga both in India and New York City. She has been named one of New York City's best instructors and helped launch Peloton yoga and meditation in 2018.

She is an extraordinary young yoga instructor whose popularity stems from her lifelong relationship with yoga.

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