Aerobic Training Workouts That Benefits Your Entire Body

Jun/09/2022 / by Nancy Amon
Image credits: Alex Mcarthy via Unsplash

Aerobic workouts are some of the most beneficial exercises out there. It targets all your muscle groups and works your respiratory system and heart. When it comes to aerobics, there’s no need to be concerned about age as these workouts are suited to the age group. We’ll discuss more about the types of aerobic workout are out there.

Aerobic Exercise Definition

Aerobic exercise is an exercise that takes an extended amount of time, usually 10 minutes or more-but is usually performed at only moderate intensity…” taken from the Merriam Webster dictionary.

To further define aerobic workout, you can start by picturing training exercises that get the heart pumping and the blood flowing. This exercise may include cycling, walking, running, swimming and more.

What Aerobic Does To The Body

To understand aerobic meaning and what it can do to benefit your body, we go to the basics and the beginning.

In 1968 Doctor Kenneth H Cooper aka “the father of aerobics” published a book called “Aerobics,” which became a bestseller. It detailed how, when doing aerobic workouts, it strengthened the muscles, including the heart. The book also explained that when engaging in aerobic workouts, blood pressure was sometimes observed lower than before the workout and red blood cells increased. Red blood cells transport oxygen, and doing aerobic training increases blood oxygen through the body.

The good doctor also believed that there are 6 components of wellness and that adding them all together and being consistent will improve the possibility of a healthy change.

“There are 6 components of wellness: Proper weight and diet, proper exercise, breaking the smoking habit, control of alcohol, stress management and periodic exams” Dr Kenneth H. Cooper.

Aerobic Meaning

There is aerobics (with oxygen/air) and also anaerobic (without oxygen or air)

Aerobic uses oxygen to feed the muscles with energy, and these exercises include but are not limited to jogging, walking and swimming.

On the other hand, Anaerobic does not use oxygen, but instead carbohydrates to fuel the muscles with energy. Exercises in anaerobic include lifting weights and push-ups.

Here are Aerobic Workouts That Everyone Should Try

Many exercises are geared to aerobic stimulation, so here we’re going to list some that you could do at home or the gym.

Jump Rope

Jumping a rope is fast-paced and gets to work quickly, targeting all muscles. Jump rope exercises can also increase agility and coordination.

People with weaker joints may want to stay away from this exercise since it can potentially put a strain on your ligaments and joints. It is an easy fix but can sometimes be detrimental in the long term. You may want to opt for something like cycling or swimming to ease the stress from your joints.

The approximate time to jump is 15min a day for 3 times per week.


Another aerobic definition includes running or jogging, whichever is best for your physical capabilities. You should start running slowly and cover fewer kilometers, but as you progress, you can extend the time and speed if you want.

Make sure to wear comfortable running shoes for your running session. To increase the difficulty, you could also wear ankle weights and arm weights. These are not advised for beginners, but for avid runners who can manage it, it’s completely fine.


If you ever wanted an aerobic training exercise that is easier on the joints, then you’ll find walking perfect. We walk every day, and this is why our legs should be strong to hold our body weight.

For walking, there are many beautiful trails that will give you the best of nature and fresh air. Make sure that you’re wearing comfortable shoes on your walk since this is one of the main features of your exercise.

To up the exercise challenge, some people also use ankle and arm weights to help increase muscle strength.

You don’t have to go to the gym, especially to use the stationary bike when you have one at home. Again, if you don’t have this equipment, then the gym will do the trick. Aerobic workouts on a stationary bike might seem simple, but in fact, they target several muscles in the legs. You can also adjust the difficulty level on your stationary bike to work for your fitness level.

What Aerobic Exercise Benefits Include

If you’re doing aerobic training, you’ll enjoy the following benefits including:

Slimmer Waistline

You’re burning calories while doing aerobic workouts. Hence, because you’re losing weight while you’re moving your body, whether walking, running or cycling, the exercise will help to shape and trim your waistline too.

You’ll Be Fit

Aerobics is one of the fastest ways of becoming fit. Doing aerobic workouts throughout your week will increase your fitness and cardiorespiratory vascular endurance. That said, you’ll be able to run further, walk for longer and exercise more before starting to feel tired.


What type of exercise is aerobic?

Aerobics is any form of exercise that targets your heart, lungs and muscles. The exercise calls for breathing and thus the term “air” aerobics. Oxygen is good for your muscles, and it increases the blood oxygen making it circulate oxygenated blood throughout your body.

What are 5 aerobic activities?

There are so many aerobic workouts, and we even do some every day as part of day to day physical activities. Look at walking, for instance. It requires the muscles in your legs to move you from one place to the next.
1 Cycling
2 Swimming
3 Hiking
4 Jogging
5 Running

Is a push up aerobic or anaerobic?

Push ups are an anaerobic workout. As are other forms of weight or muscle strengthening exercises.

Are squats aerobic?

Squats are another form of weight strength movement so it falls under anaerobic training.

Which is better. Anaerobic or aerobic?

Both anaerobic and aerobic workouts should be done together. For instance, your workout sessions should not only consist of weight training. You must also run or do another type of aerobics to strengthen the respiratory system and cardiac muscle.

Conclusion About Aerobic Workout For Health

There is no doubt that workouts incorporating aerobics can help balance things out. For example, you can’t solely do weight training and cancel aerobics. While weight training will strengthen your muscles, it can also lower stress levels and improve your wellness.

Balancing your exercise should include every facet, as mentioned in this article.

Are you doing any types of aerobic training? Which ones do you prefer?