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Aerobic Workouts for the Entire Body

Mar/31/2022 / by Nancy Amon
Image courtesy of Alex McCarthy via Unsplash

Aerobic workouts are some of the most beneficial exercises, targeting all muscle groups and working your respiratory system and heart. Aerobics are suited for all age groups.

What Are Aerobic Exercises

“Aerobic exercise is an exercise that takes an extended amount of time, usually 10 minutes or more-but is usually performed at only moderate intensity…” Merriam Webster dictionary.

To further define an aerobic workout, start by picturing training exercises that get the heart pumping and the blood flowing. These may include cycling, walking, running, swimming and more.

All About Aerobics

In 1968 Doctor Kenneth H Cooper aka “the father of aerobics,” published a bestseller, “Aerobics.” It detailed how aerobic workouts strengthened muscles, including that of the heart. The book also explained that blood pressure was sometimes lower than before the workout and that red blood cells, which transport oxygen, increased over time.

The doctor also believed that there are many factors improved the possibility of a healthy change.

“There are 6 components of wellness: Proper weight and diet, proper exercise, breaking the smoking habit, control of alcohol, stress management and periodic exams,” he said.

Aerobic exercises s involves the use of oxygen/air while anaerobic refers to the dearth of oxygen/air.

Aerobics uses oxygen to feed the muscles with energy. The exercises include but are not limited to jogging, walking and swimming. Anaerobic relies on carbohydrates to fuel the muscles with energy. Anaerobic exercises include weightlifting and push-ups.

Aerobic Workouts For Everyone

Jump rope

Jumping a rope is fast-paced and gets to work quickly, targeting all muscles. Jump rope exercises can also increase agility and coordination.

People with weaker joints may want to stay away from this exercise since it can potentially put a strain on your ligaments and joints. It is an easy fix but can sometimes be detrimental in the long term. You may want to opt for something like cycling or swimming to ease the stress from your joints.

The approximate time to jump is 15min a day for 3 times per week.


Running or jogging, whichever is best for your physical capabilities. You should start running slowly and cover fewer kilometers, but as you progress, you can extend the time and speed if you want.

Make sure to wear comfortable running shoes for your running session. To increase the difficulty, you could also wear ankle weights and arm weights. These are not advised for beginners, but for avid runners who can manage it, it’s completely fine.


If you ever wanted an aerobic training exercise that is easier on the joints, then you’ll find walking perfect. We walk every day, and this is why our legs should be strong to hold our body weight.

Beautiful trails cam will give you the best of nature and fresh air. Make sure that you’re wearing comfortable shoes since this is one of the main factors that ensures a beneficial exercise.

To up the challenge, some people also use ankle and arm weights to help increase muscle strength.

You don’t have to go to the gym, especially to use the stationary bike, when you have one at home. Aerobic workouts on a stationary bike might seem simple, but they target several leg muscles. You can also adjust the difficulty level on your stationary bike according to your fitness level.

Aerobic Exercise Benefits

Slimmer waistline

You’re burning calories while doing aerobic workouts. Hence, because you’re losing weight while you’re moving your body, whether walking, running or cycling, the exercise will help to shape and trim your waistline too.

Overall fitness

Aerobics is one of the fastest ways of becoming fit. Doing aerobic workouts throughout your week will increase your fitness and cardiorespiratory vascular endurance. That said, you’ll be able to run further, walk for longer and exercise more before starting to feel tired.

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