Digital Strategist at The White House

Jul/04/2022 / by Swarnendu Biswas
Aisha Shah
Image credits: René DeAnda via Unsplash

In the recent news on Aisha Shah digital strategy emerges in the picture. On the end of December 2020, Aisha Shah was appointed as Partnerships Manager at The White House Office of Digital Strategy.

This is an important news on Aisha Shah. While exploring about Aisha Shah, one can come to know that she was born in Kashmir and raised in Louisiana state of the US. Aisha is also working as Advancement Specialist for the Smithsonian Institution since November 2020.

“Digital outreach will be a key pillar of the Biden-Harris Administration’s engagement with the public. By bringing a talented team of digital strategists to The White House, we will ensure a robust dialogue with the American people, wherever they are,” said incoming White House Chief of Staff, Ron Klain on the occasion of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris announcing members of The White House Office of Digital Strategy, on 28th December 2020.

Aisha Shah also served as Digital Partnerships Manager in the Biden-Harris campaign.

A Distinguished Career

If one is interested in knowing what is the profession of Aisha Shah, then it deserves a mention that in her LinkedIn profile, she describes herself as communications professional with a demonstrated history of working in the social impact, arts & culture, & education sectors.

An exhaustive biography of Aisha Shah also requires to mention that Aisha also served as an Assistant Manager on the Corporate Fund of the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts between March 2018 to January 2020, where she supported the first-ever expansion of a presidential memorial.

There is news on Aisha Shah that she also served as a Communications Strategist at Buoy, which was described as an integrated marketing firm specializing in social impact communications as well as spitfire strategies. She worked with Buoy during January-November 2020. During her tenure with Buoy, she enabled non-profits to use pop culture as an instrument to bring about social change.

Learning at Davidson

As far as her education goes, Aisha did her Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature from Davidson College, located in North Carolina in the US, in 2013. She worked as a computer skills volunteer teacher at the Ada Jenkins Center, and also studied at the Universidad de Sevilla in Spain.

One may get curious about the age of Aisha Shah, but there is no authentic news in public domain about her age. But most probably, the age of Aisha Shah is expected to be in the range of 28-32 years.

According to the website of the Davidson College, immediately after her graduation from the Davidson College, she was engaged as a Davidson ‘Impact Fellow’ at the YES Prep Public Schools in Houston.

During her time as a fellow, in a blog post she highlighted the top three things that she was glad that she learned at Davidson. They were not being afraid to ask for help; realizing that it is okay to be overwhelmed; and working with multiple different teams/leaders. In the blog post, she expanded on each of the three lessons and highlighted the importance of how they helped her transform as a student.

One can also infer that important life lessons that she imbibed during her tenure with Davidson helped her to grow as a communications professional in the later years.


Who is Aisha Shah married to?

There is no news in public domain on Aisha Shah’s relationship status.

Where was Aisha Shah born?

Aisha Shah was born in Kashmir.

What is Aisha Shah’s net worth?

There is no news in public domain about her net worth but her salary as the Partnerships Manager at The White House Office of Digital Strategy is expected to be in the range of 116-177 K USD per annum.

When did she start her career?

She began her career as Impact Fellow with YES Prep Public Schools. Following that tenure, she worked with LexisNexis, Raise DC, and Spitfire respectively before joining John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.