Akshaya Tritiya: For Auspicious Beginnings

May/03/2022 / by Bindu Gopal Rao
akshaya tritiya
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Akshaya Tritiya is believed to be one of the most auspicious days of the year for new beginnings. falls on May 3rd this year. The festival has much significance as it is believed that what is started or bought on this day will bring luck through the year.

Harbinger of Good Fortune

Akshaya means ‘never diminishing’ and hence anything good done on this day will bring more fortune and multiply through the year. A day when new investments and purchase of precious metals are commonplace, there are mythological references to this day as well. In the epic Mahabharata, it is said that it was on Akshaya Tritiya that the Pandavas received an Akshaya Patra from Lord Krishna that would give them food at any time through the period of their exile. Another story associated with the day is that this was the day when Lord Kuber was made the lord of wealth and worshipping him would give people wealth. Therefore, this day is celebrated like other festivals and people wake up early, bathe, wear new clothes and do an Akshaya Tritiya puja where Ganesha, Lakshmi, and Vishnu are worshipped.

Sheen of Gold

Akshaya Tritiya holds an indelible significance for buying gold and it is not uncommon to see a gold rush on this day. “This day holds a lot of importance, and everyone celebrates it with utmost joy and enthusiasm as they mark it with one token purchase. As it marks the prosperous time in one’s life, we ought to purchase gold as an investment as well as a traditional heirloom that revives your values for generations to come,” explains Suraj Popley, Founder, Popley Eternal, a renowned jeweler. This Akshaya Tritiya, a jewellery trend that is popular, includes gold jewellery assembled with precious gemstones including rubies and emeralds.

New Vistas

The Indian belief to start something new on auspicious occasions like Akshaya Tritiya brings in a lot of prosperity, luck, and happiness. Interior designers and architects are aware of the sentiment associated with festivities, and hence, they come up with many attractive design options to lure homebuyers. “Amidst all the chaos, 2022 is still promising to be a year turning positive for the industry, filled with opportunities to take charge of the budget and revamp their homes to suit the changing needs and lifestyles. Between supply chain disruptions amid the still-raging pandemic, 2022 is a promising year filled with opportunities to take charge of the budget and buy things you wish. Over the years, it has been a tradition and culture where consumers buy essentials for their house during the Akshaya Tritiya. Now is the best time to purchase because everything is either coming or is on the market for this auspicious season,” says Uttamaditya, CEO & Founder, U&I Interiors.

Abundance Matters

However, the day is not just about hoarding. You can make a difference with giving too. Recently the day is also celebrated by feeding the needy as many people believe the best gift is to help someone overcome hunger. Hence there are people who organize meals for people who are economically backward on this day. Even if not an entire meal, snacks are usually distributed. Sudha Rao, a septuagenarian based in Bengaluru says, “I make it a point to buy fresh buns from the Iyengar bakery in my house and distribute it to all the destitute people outside temples in my locality on Akshaya Tritiya. I believe it is important that we use days like these to help people who cannot afford a simple meal.” A day that celebrates all things good, you can celebrate the day in your own way and make a positive difference in your life and the life of others too. So how are you planning to celebrate?