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Jan/31/2023 / by Team Seema
Zuleikha Robinson
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Zuleikha Robinson is a well-known singer, actress, writer and producer of British descent. She has maintained her relevance within the film industry by dominating both small and large screens throughout the years. IMDb highlights that she’s been in more than 26 television series and films.

Robinson has always been a diligent worker since her tender age, and now, at 45, she has quite an impressive legacy. Her youthful appearance is a testament to the fact that her Scottish first name means “angel.”

She has worked and collaborated with some of the greatest directors and actors. And although she’s still unknown to many in the global arena, she’s relatively young, so she still has much to offer.

For those unfamiliar with her, read the biography of Zuleikha Robinson below to learn more.

Zuleikha Robinson Early Life

Born to an Indian-Burmese mother and English father in London, England, Zuleikha’s birth date is June 29, 1977. The age of Zuleikha is currently 45 years. She grew up in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, thus spending most of her young years in Asia. During her late teen years, she moved to the US to pursue higher learning and acting aspirations.

Her Acting Debut

In 2000, actress Robinson made her acting industry debut with the art film Timecode. And although it wasn’t quite a success, it allowed her to gain experience. In the 2001 series, she played Yves Adele, an enigmatic figure who frequently assisted the leading trio in “The Lone Gunmen.” It’s worth mentioning that the series was part of the X-Files franchise.

Robinson then exploded onto the acting scene in 2004 with the blockbuster adventure drama “Hidalgo,” directed by Joe Johnstone. She portrayed Jazira, an Arabian princess from the 19th century, in conjunction with Viggo Mortensen and Omar Sharif. Ever since, she has had a prosperous career, starring in numerous critically acclaimed films and television series. For example, in 2005, she played in the adaptation of “The Merchant of Venice.”

About Zuleikha Robinson Other works

In the 2006 independent film “The Namesake,” Robinson portrayed Moushumi Mazumdar, a Bengali protagonist who later became the Bengali wife. The following year, she acted as the devious enslaved person and brothel manager in season two of the HBO series Rome.

She co-starred alongside John Amsterdam in the Fox series “New Amsterdam” as the police investigator, Eva Marquez. She was featured as a recurring character in the fifth season of “Lost” in 2009. She later got a regular role in the series’ season six.

Other notable roles include acting as Amelia Hayes, a former CIA agent and Gabriel’s wife, in the 2014 film “Intelligence.” Also, in 2016, she portrayed Lady Capulet in the ABC drama “Still Star-Crossed.” In 2019 she appeared in I’m Going to Make You a Star and Down Low in Hell’s Kitchen. Her last appearance was on 2020’s Eternal Relief from Pain.

Close Relations

Her brother, Dr. Alastair Robinson, is a well-known British field botanist. He was born in 1980, making Zuleikha three years older than her older sibling. His area of specialization includes the carnivorous genus Nepenthes. He has accomplished much in his field, including discovering the enormous Nepenthes attenboroughii pitcher factory from Palawan. In addition, Zuleikha has two ex-sisters-in-law, Kelli Williams and Ajay Sahgal, and an ex-daughter-in-law, Shannon Wilcox.

Academic Background

While still in high school, Zuleikha developed a passion for acting, which prompted her relocation to Los Angeles, CA. She attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Zuleikha’s Love Life

Zuleikha is currently childless and has no known offspring. Her close relations claim she is quite a busy woman who prioritizes her career over relationship building. There were speculations that she was a lesbian at one point—but she never responded to the allegations.

She married Sean Doyle in 2009 at a very fancy celebrity wedding. Nevertheless, the couple’s love life was short-lived since they divorced in 2014 after five years of marriage. She chooses to keep her personal and romantic relationships to herself.

Her Net Value

Robinson’s primary income source comes from her acting career. She is estimated to have a net worth of over $1 million.

Recognitions and Nominations

Robinson has received three nominations throughout her career. She was nominated for the Gold Derby TV Award for best collaborative/ensemble cast for the first time in 2010. She was also nominated for the Monte Carlo Award for Best Drama Actress for her role in the television series “Lost” also in 2010. In 2013, she was also nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance in a Television Series.


Is Zuleikha Robinson Indian?

Although Zuleikha looks more Indian than British, she’s not fully Indian. Her dad is of English and Scottish descent, while her mother is of Indian-Burmese descent. Nevertheless, she spent a significant part of her childhood and teenage years in Asia, which explains her proximity to her mother’s roots and culture.

How many films have Zuleikha Robinson featured in?

Zuleikha has been featured in ten films and more than 20 television series.

Who is Zuleikha Robinson married to?

She was married to Sean Doyle in 2009, but her marriage was short-lived since they divorced five years later, in 2014.


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