All You Need To Know About Perfecting And Creating The Gorgeous Messy Bun

how to do a messy bun
Image credits: Yanapi Senaud via Unsplash

Everyone wants to know how to make a messy bun at some point in their lives because let’s face it, its a good hairstyle. An easy messy bun is achieved in a few simple ways and don’t worry, you can rock this hairdo anywhere at anytime.

Without any further ado, let’s crack on with this list mastering a step by step messy bun for all types.

Messy Curly Bun

If you’ve got curly don’t worry because styling a messy bun with curly hair tends to be even easier than it is with straight sleek hair. Since curly hair is already voluminous, it doesn’t take much manipulation to achieve. Even if you were in a bit of a rush, the messy curly bun is usually a quick fix when it comes to bigger curly hair.

Version 1

Step 1 – Gather all your hair into a loose ponytail either at the very top or middle of your head. Depending on the hair tie you use and the amount of hair you have, wrap it once or twice.

Step 2 – Pin small sections of hair into place with the bobby pins. You can create about five or six of these sectioned pinned-off. Again, judging by your hair length and thickness.

Once you’ve got it, enjoy it and turn heads. This is the ideal style for folks with lots of thick unruly curls.

Version 2

Another messy curly bun style that every curly head should try is the messy bun tutorial that takes about five minutes roughly.

Step 1 – Tie your hair into a ponytail. Make sure this ponytail isn’t too tight either.

Step 2 – Half the ponytail into two sections.

Step 3 – wrap the one half of this style around the other. You can do so by pinning it off using bobby pins.

You can go another step further and loosen the bun to your comfort.

Basic Easy Messy Bun

All messy buns stems from some form of previous bun based on a ponytail. If you’re wondering how to make a messy bun then we have the answer for you.

For the basic and easy messy bun here are the steps:

Step 1 – You can do a messy bun on hair that isn’t clean in this instance, you could use some dry shampoo to refresh it. Add serum to the ends if you need to smooth those down neatly.

Step 2 – Create the mess via teasing. Using a small toothed comb, tease a section of the hair. Teasing the hair at the roots will also help create width for that volumenous look you want to achieve in a relaxed hairstyle.

Step 3 – If you have wavy, sleek hair, then using some hair spray would help to reduce the chances of this style falling flat or limp.

Step 4 – Tie the hair into an almost ponytail. Pull and stretch the hair through the hair band and make sure that it is loose.

This is also how you do a cute messy bun. The great thing about the hairstyle is that you can wear it to the office, dress it up in a formal ado and even to the gym.


How do you do it in 5 seconds?

Tie your hair into a ponytail (loose ponytail) then bobby pin the strands into the rest of the hair.

How do you do it in 2 seconds?

How to do a low messy bun or one that sits higher in a flash by simply tying the hair into a partial ponytail and manipulating the bun to form the messy look.

How to do a cute messy bun with a scrunchie?

Simply create your cute messy bun as you would a regular one. After securing with bobby pins, top it off with a scrunchie.

How do you do a cute bun with medium hair?

You could opt for a low messy bun or pin the stray ends at the bottom if you’re making a high bun. Wrap the hair as you would a bun.

Conclusion About How To Do A Messy Bun

Start with messy hair. The key to mastering this hairstyle is to keep everything loose and messy. Never tie the hair too tightly as this will pull back the strands too much and reduce the relaxed look of a messy bun. Read more at SEEMA.