All You Need to Know About Traditional Clothing of Nepal

Dec/22/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Girls in Nepalese Traditional Dance Outfits
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Nepal is a multiethnic, multireligious, multilingual, and multicultural country located in Asia. This country lies between China and India, near the Himalayan Mountains. It is one of the least developed countries in Asia, and it has subalpine forested hills and fertile plains. Some of the tallest mountains, including Mount Everest, are located in this country.

Nepali Traditional Dresses

There are many benefits of wearing traditional clothing. For instance, it can help you prove to people that you appreciate your culture and traditions. It can also help you get in touch with your ancestral traditions and cultures. That is why most of the people who live in Nepal love wearing the traditional dresses of Nepal. Below are some of these dresses.

Daura Suruwal

The Daura Suruwal, commonly known as Labeda Suruwal, is one of the cultural dresses of Nepal. Nepal’s 19th Century Prime Minister, Jang Bahadur Rana, introduced this outfit. This outfit holds some religious significance, and therefore it is mostly worn by religious leaders and elderly people. People wear it when going to ceremonies, weddings, and other special occasions.

The Daura Suruwal outfit consists of a trouser and an upper garment. The upper garment is what people call the Daura, while the trouser is called the Suruwal. The upper garment features a closed neck which symbolizes the snake that is on the neck of Lord Shiva. The trouser is usually loose, but it is narrow at the ankles. This trouser is quite comfortable since it is made using natural fabric.

The Daura Suruwal became popular in the 19th century after Jang Bahadur Rana wore it and went to visit Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth gifted this prime minister a coat which he wore over the Daura Suruwal outfit. That made people add a coat to this outfit.

People usually pair the Daura Suruwal outfit with a headdress, popularly known as the Nepali or Dhaka topi. This headdress usually has an unusual shape and has different patterns. People wear it whenever they want to prove to others that they are Nepali citizens.


Dhoti is another national dress of Nepal that men wear on a daily basis. Nepali men substitute trousers with this dress. It is usually a plain long fabric piece that people wrap around their hips and tie around their waists. Men living in hot and humid areas love it because of the increased comfort that it offers.


Lungis have become some of the common dresses of Nepal. They are usually long skirts whose ends are sewn together. Many Nepali men wear them due to the comfort that they offer. Indians also wear these dresses. Retailers and wholesalers sell them in a variety of colors.

Kurta Suruwal

Kurta Suruwal is a Nepali outfit that many Nepalese Women love. It is usually composed of a kurta, a scarf, and a pair of pants. The pants are usually light and baggy. Most of them are bright-colored and are made from cotton. The kurtas, on the other hand, are sleeveless and long. They are made using cotton or silk fabrics and have patterns. The scarf is usually large, and it symbolizes decency. Its patterns usually match the kurtas’ patterns.


The sari is another dress that is popular in Nepal. Nepali women wear this dress when going to festivals such as weddings. Actually, some women use it as a wedding dress. Nepali women also wear it during formal occasions.

The sari outfit consists of a blouse, a large scarf, and a petticoat. The blouse is usually tight and cropped. The scarf is usually two to four feet wide and four to eight meters long. Nepali women drape this scarf across one of their shoulders and around their waists.

Gunyou Cholo

Gunyou Cholo is a traditional dress that Nepali girls aged between seven- and eight years wear. It is usually the female version of Dura Suruwal and symbolizes womanhood. Girls are given this dress to show them that they are slowly turning into women.

The Gunyou is the skirt while the Cholo is the blouse. Girls wear these two garment pieces together with many jewelry pieces. Other dresses that Nepali people wear include Bhantanlan, Mekhli, and Chhuba.

Dresses of Nepal
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FAQs about Dresses of Nepal

What do girls in Nepal wear?

Girls in Nepal usually wear Gunyou Cholo. This outfit usually symbolizes womanhood and is composed of a blouse and skirt. Other dresses that girls in Nepal wear are Saris and Kurta Suruwal.

How many cultural dresses are in Nepal?

There are two types of dresses that Nepali people wear when going to traditional ceremonies; the Dura Suruwal and the Gunyou Cholo. The Dura Suruwal is usually worn by men, while the Gunyou Cholo is worn by women.

Do people in Nepal wear saree?

Just like Indian women, Nepali women wear saris. They usually wear these dresses when going to festivals such as weddings and other ceremonies. Some brides also wear these dresses.

Nepal is a multilingual and multicultural country located in Asia. The men who live in this country wear different outfits, including Daura Suruwal, Dhoti, and Lung. Nepali women, on the other hand, wear Saris and Kurta Suruwal. Small Nepali girls wear Gonyou Cholu while children wear Bhantanlan.


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