Alluring Saree Blouse Designs

Jun/15/2022 / by Melanie Fourie
Blouse Design

Traditionally saree blouses had a closed back. They were, and still are splendid, with their intricate beadwork and embroidery that seems to weave a cultural tale. Nowadays these ‘interwoven tales’, or patterns often extend to the back of traditional blouses too. Several of the new blouse designs also have back openings, with a unique blouse back pattern. Blouse design necklines, have somewhat changed too. If you’ve noticed this back and neck trend, and are looking for a new blouse design to upgrade your look, have a look at what is trending here. 

Guide on New Saree Designs  

The following is what you need to know about saree blouse necks and backs. You can first get a feel for what’s new on the whole, and then read further for other styles for necks and backs. 

  • If you’re a bit on the conservative side and would rather, you could always opt for a chic V-neck shirt like saree with three quarter sleeves. This is a rather simple style, so you won’t see an embroidered blouse pattern. It’s therefore ideal to accessorize with an elegant necklace to add a bit of glamour to this look. It’s best to keep the look monotone if you’re going for a shirt-style blouse, as an overly patterned blouse could clash with your necklace. 
  • If you’re attending a wedding or are a bride-to-be, you could aspire for the regal look. In that case, go for something like a red velvet blouse with a square-shaped back and neckline. The primary hue here would be the red velvet, and the sleeves embroidered with gold. This look and finishing touch is ideal to acquire great bridal flair. 
  • Add another level of glamor to your traditional attire with a metallic, sequined blouse. 
  • You could opt for a sheer netted bloused with sheer or chiffon turtle collar. Make sure that the blouse has something else underneath though as the fabric is sheer.
  • Another new blouse design the ruffle layered off-the-shoulder saree blouse. You can also opt for one with some sort of embellishment or sequin on each ruffle.   
  • Long sleeve blouses with a round neck are not that appealing if the fabric is plain. However, if you choose a blouse with a heavily embroidered neck, it will look spectacular. 
  • Did you know that you can wear a bodysuit with your saree skirt and sash too. That being said, be sure to choose a bodysuit in a color that contrasts your saree skirt. You may also add a necklace that matches your bodysuit for an elegant touch. 
  • Looking for something sexy to wear with your saree skirt? If so, choose an open back saree that ties at the back with a knot. 
  • One of the other super contemporary saree blouse designs are the blouses that come with a matching matinee-like jacket. These little jackets are hardly ever plain, although the bodice part of the blouse is usually monotone.
  • You could also select one other latest saree blouse designs; the asymmetrical look, complete with gota patti embroidery details. Note that this type of embroidery utilizes an applique technique to obtain the most exquisite designs. 
  • One other type of new blouse designs is the saree blouse is the one-shoulder strap design. Many of these also have sequin details along the edging for some extra chic. These sequined tops are also great for an evening event, and you can easily match it with a sequined clutch bag. 
  • Imagine evolving so far in trends that your once traditional saree blouse is now a sleeveless checkered top with buttons down the back. This look is ideal if you are wearing a plain or monotone saree skirt, as it would look too busy on a heavily patterned skirt. 
  • If you’re looking for a more daring aesthetic, why not try wearing something like a floral tube saree blouse. Match this with floral saree skits and a wispy or sheer sash, and a chunky necklace to make a bold fashion statement. 
  • Have you always admired medieval-style tops with the crisscross string in the front? Well, now you can get a tube saree with this same pattern. To add some additional glamor, add some costume jewelry like a necklace with some tones and a matching chunky bracelet. 
  • You may also want to wear collared blouse with your saree skirt. These blouses are usually heavily embroidered on the collar, so it’s best to pair it with a complementary necklace and some rings. This is one of the most opulent looks. 
  • Another modern blouse design the saree blouse with bell sleeves. You may choose sleeves that are layered or not. If the blouse pattern is plain and monotone, be sure to could this with a pair of eye-catching drop-down earrings. 
  • One other pretty new saree blouse designs are the caped variations. It’s manufactured as a set, and includes the blouse with a mostly sheer and sequined super elegant cape.
  • Another great blouse design has to the web pattern one. The bodice is made of plain like silk or satin, and it also has a sequined web top that covers the attached top and your arms. These blouses look great when in a metallic shade, as this complements the space age aesthetic. 
  • Other geometric saree blouse designs have become increasingly popular too. One such patter in the zig patter. This pattern is on the heavy side, so be sure to complement this with a pattern-free skirt If you do opt for a patterned skirt, make sure the pattern is located near the edge of your skirt or a skirt with a sequined edging. That way, the boldness of the blouse will not clash with your skirt pattern. 
  • When you think of leather, black leather probably comes to mind. This is not always the case, as you can wear a colorful leather saree blouse too. If your leather blouse is pink, try matching it with a pink floral saree skirt for that extra feminine touch. 

New Saree Neck Designs 

  • A unique new blouse design is the slit-neck design. Be sure to complement the threadwork on your blouse with a pair of matching costume earrings. 
  • If you prefer the regal look, you could opt for a front blouse design like an eye-catching bodice, complete with scalloped drape. Pair this with a matching skirt, some elaborate drop-down earrings, bangles, and a necklace, and you’ll look like a queen. 
  • You could also for a round-neck saree blouse with an attached tulle. This too is ideal for a wedding.
  • If you’re looking to go against the grain, go for a saree blouse with a plunging neckline and huge puff sleeves. Be sure to complement the hues and designs with a pair of fashionable costume jewelry like a choker necklace perhaps and a pair of ornate drop-down earrings. 
  • To follow trends you could opt for a bustier-like style blouse with spaghetti straps and tassels along the bottom edging. This style looks best with a chandan or sandalwood hue. 
  • If you’re striving to add a sophisticated edge to your outfit, try wearing a high-neck design with an intricately design. Don’t forget to match your earrings as best you can. For instance, if the pattern on your blouse is one with flowers, be sure to get some earrings in a similar shape too. 
  • The shirt dress type of blouse is also gaining momentum with Indian women. This look is similar to wearing a long Henley style shirt. Be sure to choose a shirt blouse with some fancy sequins. You can then match your make up like your nail and eyeshadow eye to complement the color of your shirt dress blouse. 
  • The peplum shirt saree blouse is highly popular too. This type of saree blouse design is one of the latest blouse design with the modern South Asian fashionista. It’s also ideal if you have an apple-shaped silhouette, as the focus is steered away from your mid-section.
Blouse Design
A beautiful velour, embellished saree blouse.
Image credits: MagicalBrushes via Pixabay

New Back Neck Designs for Your Sarees

  • Not all saree blouses are created equally. While you may be to your blouse having a front neck design, some blouses have a back neck design. Some of these include the following.
  • The long V-shaped back neck. This design shows off more of your upper back and the center section of your shoulders. Some designs may even have a clasp or an embellishment mirroring a brooch at the tip of the V. 
  • Other saree blouses sport a U-shaped back neck. This style enables you to show off a lot more skin than the V-shaped neck. You can also conceal your brassiere straps, as it has straps too. These blouses are usually tied at the back in the center. Some blouses may even have tassels attached to the tie strings.
  • The pot back neck design comprises a tie just beneath the back of your neck. This style leaves your shoulder blades exposed. 
  • If you’re looking for a bold style, you may want to choose a rocket cut back. This aesthetic is achieved by folding the back of the saree blouse to obtain a twisted look. 
  • You may also want to try the circular or round back neck. This is preferable for colder weather, as you’ll be flaunting a large portion of your back. 
  • The back neck with layered embellishments like strings of pearls are also a new type of saree blouse. Wear this when you’re aiming for an elegant look for a wedding. 
  • If you’re looking for something truly beautiful and different, try choosing an elegant multi-strap back design. 
  • If you’re for something super alluring, you could opt for a blouse design with spaghetti straps at the back. Note that these spaghetti needn’t be plan. They can have a chain pattern with gold embellishments. The back of the bodice needn’t be a think band either. For instance, it may look like a thin band with a floral detail, et cetera. 
An Indian woman wearing a saree blouse with saree skirt.
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons


What are the types of blouse design?

There are several types of saree blouse designs. You can choose from traditional design, backless designs, and an array of sarees made with different necklines and an overall new style.

What is the best blouse design?

The best blouse designs would have to be the most elegant one. Seeing that the wedding blouses the most elegant, wedding saree blouses would have to be deemed as the best.

What is the most popular design for backless blouses?

Some of the most popular types of blouses designed to reveal a lot of skin at the back are V-shaped neck designs. Then there’s the U-shaped back design that is usually with an embellished string at the back. The bustier-type saree blouse is another form of backless saree designs. One other backless design is the port neck design. The blouse is tied at the back of your neck, and tie is almost always embellished with tassels.


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