Often innovations are a result of dissatisfaction. Some people are perplexed by issues that others don’t give a second thought; they can’t believe no one else has come up with a better way to do things.

Aman Advani is one of those people. Born in the state of Georgia to immigrant parents, Aman started with a consulting job that required him to fly multiple times every week. He found the formal clothes he wore bafflingly restrictive and uncomfortable but there were no alternatives. To make things better, he literally sewed the soles of Nike socks into his dress socks.

When he joined MIT as a postgraduate student in 2012, he met Gihan Amarasiriwardena. Both engineers, they discovered that they shared a common passion: hacking their clothes. Turns out that while Advani was working on his frankensocks, Amarasiriwardena had been adding the backs of running shirts to his dress shirts. It was a match made in corporate heaven.

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