Ami Qureshi is Using Self-Expression to Empower Others

qureshiAmi Qureshi has been creating art since she was a child. As an adult, she has parlayed her passions into a profession, creating and designing for others, as well as helping people find their dream homes. In this way, she has done what many struggle to accomplish: to build her work around her life, instead of her the other way around.

Qureshi channels her energies into three seemingly distinct, but intricately connected ventures: fashion, real estate and interior decoration. She guides her clients and followers accomplish what she does naturally: tap into their creativity to choose styles, homes and home accessories that reflect the best of themselves.

Early Signs of Potential

Qureshi was raised by her mom, from Mumbai, and her dad, from Gujarat, and speaks Gujarati. Growing up in a Gujarati household, Qureshi built on a foundation of powerful traditions, building upwards — like the skyscrapers of her native New York — with the help of performance, dance and fine arts.

As she put it, “I have done all things performance based since I was a child. Gymnastics, ballet, twirling and band (I played the clarinet). I also danced well into my years at college and performed as part of a team for competitions.”

Fostering her early inclinations led Qureshi to develop a passion for “all things art.”

Embracing Her South Asian Identity

Qureshi grew up in a small town in upstate New York.

She recalls, “I was outnumbered as the only South Asian student in the entire district.” However, she notes how changes there have helped support her own journey:

“Nowadays it’s very different,” Qureshi says. “We’re seeing South Asian representation in all aspects, especially in business. That is something that really excites me. It was weird to embrace your culture when we were younger, but now it’s totally different. You see so many South Asians front and center in all aspects of business and I love seeing it in fashion the most.”

qureshiGetting by With a Little Help…

Qureshi credits her parents and husband for their unflagging support. She learned at the feet of her mom and dad, who owned their own business, a candy shop in a mall, since she was 13 years old. Ten years ago, Qureshi joined her husband in his real estate journey and they have worked together to carve out a path for Qureshi, too.

Taking Risks to Reap Rewards

With her husband and family’s support, Qureshi has been able to take risks many shy away from. She spent 15 years in retail before venturing out on her own. Even after making this decision, she had to overcome a sense of uncertainty. She recalls, “At first, I felt lost and confused as to what exactly my craft might be. I left retail with no plans. But during those years I was able to really focus on what I was truly passionate about.”

Through self-discovery, Qureshi had to resist the allure of stability a corporate job provides.

“It wasn’t always easy sticking to my commitment to not go back to a corporate job,” she says. “There were days I would question what would truly make me happy. But I would stay patient and know that what was meant to be will be.”

Secrets to Her Success

Qureshi credits the five P’s as powering her philosophy: proper planning prevents poor performance. Her own planning starts with preparing her mind, body and spirit. She gets up at 5:30 a.m., uses oil pulling and lemon water to cleanse her body and then meditates and prays to bolster her energy for the day.

She believes in “creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle. And that lifestyle should start from the minute you enter your door. Things should be clean, organized and styled. This even includes the home you’re buying.”

This has paid off for Qureshi, who has built a professional life that pivots on her passions – one in which her prowess in producing solutions has helped so many clients along their personal paths to success.