Amita Suman: Biography, Life Story & Achievements

Jul/19/2023 / by Team Seema
Amita Suman
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

Amita Suman is a Nepalese actress cast in Shadow and Bone 2021 Netflix series, The Sandman, and Doctor Who. Also, she appeared on a program called The Outpost.

Biography of Amita Suman

Amita was born in 1997. This means that the age of Amita Suman is 25 years as of 2022. Her parents are Suman and Madan. She was born in Nepal and later relocated to the United Kingdom. At a young age, Amita Suman developed a great interest in acting. She started taking classes so she could nurture her acting career. In 2018, she graduated from ALRA, and her education is paying her well. Amita is not yet married; however, she is dating Johnny Thackway.

About Amita Suman

According to news on Amita Suman, she is an individual who likes to stay active. There might be no proof of her participating in sports, but she loves working out. Her daily routine includes traditional workouts and aerial silks performances.

It is also essential to note that this actress loves traveling. She loves discovering new things and experiencing new things. Amita has visited various countries, including Spain, France, and Hungary.

Amita is an ambitious young lady who expresses herself confidently and defends her beliefs. For instance, you might find her raising awareness about the dangers of racism and why people should fight it on her social media handles. She also encourages people to educate themselves on various issues.

Amita Suman loves exploring nature, which helps her to clear her head and relax. Some of the outdoor activities she loves engaging in include riding bikes, hiking, and exploring nearby surroundings.

Regardless of her career success, her family still comes first. The family has been very supportive, and she is always grateful for their love and understanding. Regarding social life, she has built genuine connections with her cast mates. The stars of Shadow and Bone spent time together even when they were not filming. This helped them to create a strong bond. Amita enjoys and appreciates simple things, such as family and friends.


Q. Where is Amita Suman from?

A. Amita Suman comes from Nepal.

Q. When did Amita Suman start her career?

A. Amita Suman started her career in 2018 when she acted as Nina Biswas in a series called Casualty. In the same year, she appeared in Ackley Bridge series as Sameera. She also played a guest role in an episode of the Doctor Who series as Umbreen that same year.

Q. Is Amita Suman married?

A. No, Amita Suman is not yet married.


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