An Overview of The Different Types of Nose Piercings

Sep/14/2021 / by Team SEEMA
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Piercings have long been a feature of many popular cultures throughout the globe. Piercings become more fashionable than ever in 2021. The jewelry that comes with piercings is a major factor in why this craze has been all over social media right now.

Social media sites such as Instagram demonstrate that piercings are becoming a global fashion trend. It will be a long time before piercings become obsolete, as more and more businesses concentrate on providing body jewelry.

The curated ear aesthetic was a turning point in the resurgence of piercings. People have started to experiment with various kinds of piercings in addition to the ear.

Nose piercings, especially, are gradually gaining popularity. In this post, we will discuss the different types of nose piercings available, as well as the required aftercare for nose piercings.

The History of Nose Piercings

Nose piercings are indeed a relatively recent trend in the Western world. Nose piercings have been practiced for thousands of years in nations including Africa, India, as well as the Middle East. Nose piercings are also the second most popular kind of piercing after ear piercings.

Nose piercings have symbolic significance in many cultures. However, in the West, nose piercings are often seen as going against the established standards of Eastern or South-Eastern civilizations.

In any case, nose piercing dates back to 44,000 BC. Native people in Australia were the first to be documented as wearing carved bones as nasal septum piercings. Until recently, generations have carried on this tradition.

Historians believe that this technique had an impact on the Middle East around 4,000 years ago. Piercing nose rings became an element of Middle Eastern culture at that time. The tradition spread from the Middle East to the Indian subcontinent.

Through the 1500s, nose piercings were becoming a common occurrence in their everyday lives. Nose piercings did not enter Western society until the twentieth century.

Caucasians who went to India during the 1960s loved this tradition and got it back to America. The Western punk and goth cultures started to adapt to this new style as well.

Although nose piercings are a symbol of females becoming womanhood in the East, the meaning of this tradition is different in the West. In the West, several factions utilized nose piercings to express their dissatisfaction with society.

Piercings were regarded negatively by Westerners. Piercings, on the other hand, have become a ‘cool’ fad in recent years. Body piercings are also becoming more popular. Whereas in Eastern societies, nose piercings are gradually losing historical significance. Regardless of fading cultures, nose piercing has a variety of meanings.

The Significance of Nose Piercings

Nowadays, nose piercings are trendy as a result of hip social media trends. Nose piercings are often seen as fashion items with minimal historical significance. Nonetheless, this kind of piercing is often used as a sign of many things. Nose piercings are a statement of prestige and social rank in certain cultures.

The Berber people of North Africa continue to wear nose rings to demonstrate their riches. The nose ring becomes increasingly important as a person’s wealth increases. In terms of wedding traditions, the man often presents his wife with a nose ring to demonstrate his riches.

Nose piercings are associated with a woman’s sexual health in India. A piercing in the left nostril may help with menstruation discomfort and the difficulties of delivery.

As a result, nose piercings have Ayurvedic significance. This kind of piercing is believed to help women become more pregnant. In some nations, though, nose rings are used to indicate a woman’s married status.

Different Types of Nose Piercings

1. Nasallang Piercing

Nose Piercing Types

Nasallang piercing is popular among men and women alike. This kind of nose piercing enters one nostril, then the septum, and exits the other nostril. Because this is a tri-nasal piercing, it should be performed with a sterile needle.

This piercing is difficult to do properly because of its nature. This is why this should only be done by experienced experts. It takes four to six months for nasallang piercing to recover with appropriate treatment.

2. Austin Bar Piercing

Nose Piercing Types

Austin bar piercing is among the most unusual types of nose piercing. Barbell jewelry will be pierced into the skin on the top of your nose by the piercer. That is, the bar jewelry doesn’t really travel past your nasal septum during the process.

As a result, the risk of infection after an Austin bar piercing is very minimal. With that, Austin bar piercing only takes around 2 to 3 months to heal correctly.

3. Vertical Tip Piercing (Rhino)

Nose piercings are often horizontal. However, in recent years, the vertical tip has risen to the top. This unisex piercing is still one-of-a-kind.

Vertical tip piercing, also known as Rhino, extends from the bone of your nose and goes between your two nostrils. This piercing may be seen on the top of your nose.

This is among the most painful kinds of nose piercings due to the placement of the vertical tip piercing. Nonetheless, the chances of contracting an infection are minimal. Nonetheless, due to the depth of the piercing, it takes 6 to 9 months to recover.

4. Septum Piercing

One of the most popular kinds of nose piercings is septum piercing. Because of its location, this multipurpose nose piercing is hazardous. That is why, if you decide to have a septum piercing, you should schedule an appointment with an experienced and knowledgeable piercer.

The cartilage partition of your nose is pierced with this kind of nose piercing. In layman’s terms, septum piercing is done near the bottom of your nose, typically between your cartilage.

As a result, this piercing may be somewhat uncomfortable. Cleaning it may also be difficult at times. This piercing may heal in 6 to 8 weeks with appropriate care.

5. Septril Piercing

Nose Piercing Types

Septril piercing is a unique combination of a septum piercing and a half vertical tip piercing. Because of the nature of septril piercing, the technique and the recovery period can be complex.

Because septril piercing is such a delicate procedure, it should only be performed by a skilled piercer. Furthermore, septril piercing is a very painful operation that may take a long time to recover.

On septril piercings, a bent barbell, nose bone, or tiny stud is often used.

6. Multiple Nostril Piercing

Nose Piercing Types

A triple nostril piercing is very popular in today’s age due to its fashionable character.

Due to the obvious name, individuals may have all 3 holes on the very same nostril or 2 holes over one nostril and only one hole on the other nostril.

This piercing seems to have a triangular design in general. Since three holes are pierced, triple nostril piercing may take 6 months to a year to heal.

A twin nostril piercing may occur on the same nostril or on each nostril. Two holes will be pierced on the nose by a skilled piercer.

The process is comfortable since it just goes via the nostrils. If you just had a double nostril piercing, it will take around 2 to 3 months to recover properly.

7. High Nostril Piercing

Nose Piercing Types

A high nostril piercing is a kind of nostril piercing that is different from a normal nose piercing. The arch of your nose is pierced with this nose piercing. As a result, the site is higher than with standard nose piercings. As a result, high nose piercing is a new fad.

This piercing region should be thicker than the rest of your nose. As a result, a person with this piercing is more likely to experience swelling and discomfort throughout the healing process.

A rigorous aftercare regimen will ensure that no infection develops.

8. Nostril Piercing

Nose Piercing Types

One of the most traditional kinds of nose piercings is a simple nostril piercing.

A needle with a gauge of 18 to 20 is often used to pierce the nostril of your choice. You may wear a tiny stud or perhaps a nose ring on your nostril piercing once it has healed.

9. Bridge Nose Piercing

Nose Piercing Types

Bridge piercings are sometimes referred to as ‘Earl’ piercings. This horizontal face piercing is located on the bridge of your nose.

This piercing is usually located around your brows. The piercing just goes through the skin and does not go into the cartilage.

While bridge piercing is not dangerous, a piercer should first mark the region with a pen before using a needle.

Things To Consider After Getting A Nose Piercing

Following your nose piercing, you must include numerous aftercare recommendations into your everyday routine. The aftercare process starts on the same day as the process. To begin, let’s look at the aftercare:

  • Whenever you touch your nose piercing, you should wash your hands first.
  • Use antibacterial soap on your hands before coming into touch with your piercing.

In addition, you need to get few cotton balls and bulb pumps to apply the saline to the wound. This procedure must be carried out at least three times each day for 3 minutes every cleaning session. Start adding 1/4 teaspoon of salt to a tepid cup of water to create the saline solution.

Most of us have oily skin and suffer from acne. In this instance, you should wipe your nose with sterilized towels or cotton pads to avoid aggravating the incision.

Furthermore, adopting certain health choices may assist you to ensure that your piercing heals quicker. Eating a nutritious diet, taking supplements, and keeping hydrated can help you avoid infection of your piercing.

FAQs About Different Nose Piercing Types

What type of nose piercing is best?

For a new piercing, the L type (Normal) is the finest option. We also suggest that you use a 1.6mm ideal diamond nose stud or bigger since a lower size could fall into a recent piercing.

What does a nose piercing symbolize?

Youngsters from all over the world came to India seeking spiritual enlightenment. Many females decided to wear the nose ring to express their dissatisfaction with society’s conventional ideals. The piercing was a sign of bravery, resistance, and personal independence.

What are the different types of nose piercing?

– Austin Bar Piercing.
– Bridge Piercing.
– High Nostril Piercing.
– Multiple Nostril Piercing.
– Nasallang Piercing.
– Nostril Piercing.
– Rhino Piercing.
– Septum Piercing.
– Septril Piercing.

What is the piercing on the side of your nose called?

A nostril piercing is the most “fundamental” of nose piercings since it is placed directly along the curvature of cartilage that forms the sides of your nose/nostrils.

What side of the nose should a woman pierce?

Women in Hindu culture typically pierce the left side of their noses. This is related to Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicine is a comprehensive approach that connects the mind and body that goes back thousands of years. There are suggestions that piercing the left side may help with menstruation and/or delivery discomfort.


Now that you know all about the different nose piercing types, it’s time to select the one best suited for you and rock the look! For more updates about different types of piercings and jewelry, keep reading Seema.