Annet Mahendru’s Bold Career!

Jul/19/2023 / by Team Seema
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Anita Devi Mahendru, an actress of Russian-Indian heritage, is well known in American film and television for her enthusiastic portrayals of exotic women in drama roles. Born in Afghanistan, she broke into the American film scene with roles in “The Americans,” “The Walking Dead: World Beyond,” and “Beyond.” Her travels and personal life are also noteworthy, as she is from a country that is currently in turmoil, putting her in a unique position to raise awareness of the Afghan people’s plight. Read on to learn more about Anita Devi Mahendru.


Not much is known about Annet Mahendruo outside of her acting career, but no biography of Annet Mahendru is complete without her beginnings. Anita Devi “Annet” Mahendru was born 5 November, 1985 in Kabul, Afghanistan to a Russian mother, Olga, and Ghanshan “Ken” Mahendru, an Indian of Hindu heritage. Her father moved to Afghanistan for his career in journalism and education. Annet Mahendru often jokes that she had a “gypsy” childhood, meaning she frequently moved between Afghanistan and Russia, especially in her first seven years. Her parents separated when she was 13, and she moved with her father to New York, where she attended East Meadow High School. There, she competed in kick line teams, a form of dance, and cheerleading, and graduated in 2004. She attended St. John’s University in New York, where she graduated with an English degree.

Annet Mahendru is multilingual, having grown up speaking Russian, German, English, and Persian. She also has some command of Hindi and French. Due to her mixed ethnic heritage, Annet felt that this was an asset in her performance career, as she is not easily pinpointed as a particular ethnicity, which opens the door to roles of many different cultural backgrounds. Initially, she attended graduate school at New York University but opted to abandon her pursuit of a master’s degree in acting. From there, she transferred to Los Angeles and studied at The Groundlings acting school.

Professional Work

Mahendru was 21 when she began her acting career in 2006. Initially, she began acting in small roles and single-part roles in television series, appearing in “Love Monkey,” “Conviction,” “Mike & Molly” and “The X-Files.” She later got regular recurring character roles in “The Americans,” “White Collar” and “The Blacklist.” She would later get a lead role in the AMC series “The Walking Dead: World Beyond.” Her first film, “Escape from Tomorrow,” garnered attention, mostly due to being filmed on Disney World property, but this also meant that her portrayal gained notice. In the second season of “The Americans,” she became a series regular. She also starred in the comedy film “Bridge and Tunnel,” as well as having a voice role in the animated film “The Penguins of Madagascar.” She is no stranger to the stage, having also starred in the production Seven as activist Farida Azizi, a play highlighting the plight of women around the world. To date, she has 23 film credits and 19 television credits to her name. She briefly considered modelling but eventually abandoned the idea.

Personal Life

Annet Mahendru, like most Indian actresses, tends to keep her personal life out of the spotlight and often dodges questions about it. She is married to the son of actor Mel Gibson, Louie Gibson, whom she began dating in 2016, and the two had a son in 2018. She has a net worth of around $4 million and admits that her favorite food is chips.

Annet’s Future

The current age of Annnet Mahendru is 37, which means she has many more years of acting ahead of her. The American film industry knows her name, but there is also a world of other film industries to explore as well. With her exotic looks and command of languages, it is a possibility that we will see her on the Bollywood scene soon, if the news about Annet Mahendru is true.


1. Where is Annet Mahendru from?

She was born in Afghanistan and currently resides in the USA.

2. When did Annet Mahendru begin her career?

She began acting professionally in 2006 at the age of 21.

3. Who is Annet Mahendru married to?

She is married to Louie Gibson, the son of actor Mel Gibson.


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