Armeena Khan is More Than the Face of Sprite in South Asia

Jul/16/2023 / by Team Seema
Image credits: Maha Javed via Flickr

If any actress can call themselves a global citizen it is Armeena Khan. The actress has taken an unconventional route to become one of the biggest movie stars in South Asia. Khan was born in Canada and grew up in the U.K. before finding fame as an actress in Pakistan and India. A short career as a model was followed by her recent success as an actress who is determined to be seen as a serious thespian.

The Early Biography of Armeena Khan

Born in Toronto, Canada, she spent her childhood in North America. Her businessman father and homemaker mother worked together to help Khan achieve academic success. The Khan family made their way to the U.K. and settled in Manchester. The actress could have followed a different career path when she completed her degree in Business Administration at the University of Manchester. The global nature of her upbringing allowed her to earn Urdu and fluently read Arabic.

Modeling and Acting

There is lots to know about Armeena Khan. In 2010, the actress began her modeling career for several brands including a long partnership with Sprite. Khan’s dreams extended beyond modeling and took in an acting career. She has followed the method acting principle that has given her a basis for starting a successful acting career.

After studying at Pinewood Studios, Khan made appearances in short films in the U.K. Following an appearance in “Writhe”, the Canadian-Pakistani actor appeared in “Stranger Within Me.” The latter movie was shown at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival to critical acclaim.

Working in South Asia

The success of her appearances in short films and her modeling career led her to Pakistan TV executive’s attention. The career of Armeena Khan on TV started with a role in the ARY Digital channel sitcom, “Happily Married.” Several serious acting roles followed for Khan, including her breakthrough in “Muhabbat Ab Nahi Hugi.” The role of Fiza gave Armeena Khan the chance to show off her acting chops to their full extent.

Her career has taken her to Bollywood and Lollywood. The acting roles of Armeena Khan have taken in epic war dramas, such as “Yalghaar” and the romantic comedy, “Janaan.” Khan has continued to model for some major brands as an ambassador, including her continued link to Sprite as the South Asian Ambassador.


1. Who is Armeena Khan’s husband?

Armeena Khan is married to English-Pakistani business leader, Fesyl Khan. The couple was engaged in 2017 after Fesyl proposed on a beach in Cuba.

2. Where is Armeena Khan now?

Armeena Khan is still acting in Pakistan and India. She has just started production on “Sherdil 2.”

3. How many films has Armeena Khan made?

Kha has made six feature films and 10 TV shows.


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