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Art Decor for the Home

Jun/25/2023 / by Rashmi Gopal Rao

It can bring taste, refinement, color and joy to any room – and rejuvenate the dullest of interiors

Art can bring new life to your home
Art can bring new life to your home

Art is a language understood by everyone. It breathes life everywhere, whether a public space, office or residence. In a home, it not only brings plain walls to life but also adds visual appeal. It often acts as a focal point and conversation starter. Here are ways to effectively introduce art to your interiors.

Paintings and Portraits

If you love of paintings and portraits, it is a great idea to hang them on a wall. Original paintings by renowned artists can be very expensive, so keep an eye out for any good deal. Keep a watch on flea markets as well as the pre-loved market. There are good chances of someone disposing off their paintings at a lower price. Estate sales, sites such as Etsy, as well as thrift and second-hand stores are also good ideas. Family pictures – in the form of portraits and sketches – also add character to your walls.

There are several upcoming artists who do family portraits.

“It is a great way to support local and upcoming artists,” says Roshni Chopra, actor, presenter and content creator. “Pop-up stores and online art galleries are also good avenues for affordable paintings.”

Travel Post Cards and Souvenirs

Fans of travel may enjoy collecting travel post cards. Framing such cards can make for a quirky and fun gallery wall that could evoke happy memories. Frames are available online in a variety of styles and finishes: antique, bohemian, art deco, distressed, powder-coated, etc. Oil paintings, native hand-painted wall plates and local craft like blue pottery, lace work, etc. are wonderful souvenirs. These can be framed on the wall or just placed on the mantelpiece.

Display Your Child’s Artwork

If your child is fond of painting, these exclusive pieces can be an interesting composition on the wall. It could give your space charming vibe and a character. A collage of the paintings in your home office is also a good idea. Pebble work, decoupage, mosaic work etc. done as school projects are happy memories that create visual interest in your space.

Digital Prints

This is probably one of the easiest ways to add art to your home. From handmade posters, notes and quotes in calligraphy to water color illustrations, the choice is enormous for art lovers. Moreover, they are easy on the pocket, and one can frame them for an eclectic gallery wall. You can choose based on a themes, Say, a set of motivational quotes for your home office. Or illustrated cards about cooking herbs or recipes for your kitchen. Give your space a bohemian vibe with vintage and retro posters. Map prints from your favorite places and monochrome illustrations can create cozy spaces that reflects your personality. You can also frame your favorite pictures from old books and magazines for a quick and easy wall makeover.


If you have the creative itch, then there is nothing like DIY art to give your home a personalized edge. A terracotta mural in your foyer or a tropical painting in your balcony can be eye-catching. You can also use rustic work, such as Warli art. Stencils can also create unusual patterns. Then there is mirror work, and framed heirloom fabric or handlooms, such as ajrakh and batik. Framing pasted dried flowers on a board is also good option.

Style Cues

It is important that you keep the size of the artwork in mind. Consider positioning and the color of both the walls and the overall room before you actually put it up. Choose artwork in sync with your tastes, whether it be nature, wildlife, culture or cityscapes. Enhance the effect with the right lighting, positioning artwork to accentuate its beauty. For example, avoid overly large frames for small rooms and against vibrant hued walls. Family portraits are well suited the dining room, entertainment room, office nook, etc. DIYs work well for the foyer area, bedroom and even the kids bedroom.

“Always remember not to clutter any space with a lot of frames and make sure to hang art at eye level,” says Roshni Chopra.


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