A Conversation with Australia’s Madhavi Navana Parker

SEEMA Summit presents Madhavi Nawana Parker in conversation with Meena Azzollini
Madhavi Nawana Parker is a widely Published Author of resilience, wellbeing, confidence, and emotional intelligence books. She is a Public and Keynote Speaker and Director of Positive Minds Australia. Madhavi has spent over twenty years helping people and organizations reach their potential through her strengths-based approach to behavior and mindset change. Madhavi believes strong leadership is based on compassionate and mutually respectful relationships where individual strengths and diversity are celebrated. In this session, Madhavi will talk about how to lead compassionately and with purpose.

Madhavi dedicates her presentation to her mother, Mallika Nawana (1942-2020) who educated herself not only through her graduation from University in Sri Lanka in 1968 but by educating herself in all areas of her life. Mallika was a knowledge seeker and knowledge giver. Madhavi attributes much of her love of learning to her mother’s leadership. ”

Meena Azzolini is a content and feature article writer who writes for SEEMA and helps businesses and entrepreneurs tell their stories and make heart-centered connections with their audience.